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Helmets - Race Helmets

Why Should I Buy Racing Helmets?

If you decide to head to the track, whether it is an autocross in a large parking lot or a time-trial event at a closed-course race track, you will need more than just your car keys and driving skills. You are going to need a helmet. Most sanctioning bodies from drag strips to local autocross events require some sort of certified helmet.

One thing you wish you never will need is a helmet. Many people call this safety device "crash helmet," something that you definitely never want to use it for, but for which it is meant to be used. Such helmets are really important to shield the brain during a crash.

When it comes to motorcycles, a racing helmet will protect your head and face while riding and in the event of an accident – which you really wish to never happen. These helmets are designed with high speed in mind. Their aerodynamics help them cut through air.

What Should I look for in a Helmet?

There are various choices to consider when purchasing a helmet. The first is the certification. You 're going to want to look for a Snell SA rating for most auto racing enthusiasts. You should understand how helmets are classified, and when you shop around you can see a few different decals in helmets.

A D.O.T. decal is really motorcycle helmets on the public roads. You will see an M rating which is again for motorcycles and you will also see an SA rating. The SA rating also comes with a year associated with it. The year listed on the decal isn’t the year the helmet was manufactured, it is the Snell standards associated with that particular year. You may also run across F.I.A. ratings which come out of Formula 1 and Europe.

The Snell Certification

You think that the engineers who certify helmets spends their days smashing stuff. The certification got its name when a racer by the name of Pete Snell died in a crash when racing in 1956. Since 1957, the Snell Memorial Foundation has been certifying helmets.

Manufacturers have their own choice in how they build a helmet, Snell does not mandate a construction process, they only designate the tests the helmet must pass in order to be certified. The goal at Snell is impact energy management. That means when the outside of your helmet stops, the inside of the helmet should let your head “ride down” the impact by compressing the inner layer of the helmet, so your brain doesn’t feel the heavy hit.

And just how do they test these helmets? They smash stuff all day.

Benefits of a Racing Helmet

  • Increased safety while racing/riding
  • Great comfort and protection from the elements
  • Boost your confidence level due to the feeling of security

Vivid Racing carries racing and riding helmets that has all the Snell, M, and D.O.T certifications that will help keep you safe. Buy online or give one of our world-class professionals a call at 1-480-966-3040.