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UTV Roll Cage Accessories


Side by Side UTV Parts carries the UTV roll cage accessories that customers need to secure and upgrade their vehicles. They carry a wide selection of UTV roll cage accessories, including a chassis mount kit, tubing adapter, weld washer, buffer kit, polished tube kit, door bar padding, floor plates, front door bar mount, front arch supports, universal front hoop, roll bar padding, roll cage installation kit, swing out door, handle attachment, steering wheel hanger, roll cage cover, pillar bracket set, mounting tube, bar covers, and roll cage organizer. They are a source for quality parts to improve your UTV vehicle. Their components fit all popular UTV brands such as Polaris, Yamaha, Can Am, Kawasaki, and Arctic Cat. You can truly customize your UTV vehicle with roll cage accessories according to your own choices.


Roll bar components are equally as critical as the bars themselves. A good roll cage gusset provides critical reinforcement when it is required. Rather than bending at a point of stress, a gusseted cage distributes the force more evenly along the tube's length. Similarly, a good clamp should be able to secure tubing in place rather than allow it to come loose when struck. Accidents are not the only way for someone to sustain an injury. Even though it may seem trivial, a UTV roll cage has the potential to cause a few issues on its own. Individuals have suffered serious injuries after colliding with their heads while standing up too quickly, climbing over seats, and performing a variety of seemingly innocuous actions. While concussions are not always fatal, it is preferable to minimize those blows by installing roll bar pads and covers on your cage. These cages serve a purpose beyond safety. They help your vehicle achieve one of the most recognizable profiles available. Nothing quite captures the essence of outdoor fun quite like a bare roll cage and the wind in your hair. Additionally, they offer customization options for the covers and pads. Once you've added everything you need to change the appearance of your vehicle, repair your cage, or upgrade your safety features to your cart, simply complete your order and wait for the fun to begin.


Avoid compromising safety by installing a bolt-in or poorly designed roll cage. Vivid Racing offers an optimized cage design for safety, comfort, and performance. At Vivid Racing, we offer a wide selection of UTV roll cage kits, roofs, covers, doors, and steering hangers. We're on a mission to provide off-road enthusiasts with the highest-quality UTV roll cage accessories at the most affordable prices. Our UTV roll cage kits and parts are engineered to the highest standards, and we also offer kit and assembled roll cage designs. This one-of-a-kind model gives you the option of customizing functionality and style, as well as shipping and assembly. Choose your style and configuration, and we'll ship your product worldwide.