Rotiform 3-piece Wheels | What makes these Beautiful Wheels Special?

There are 3-piece wheels for the racers and then there is the Rotiform 3-piece wheel. Every wheel under Rotiform’s 3-piece roster is forged to perfection; wheels for the connoisseur and the gentleman racer.

More than that, Rotiform doesn’t just produce forged 3-piece wheels. They are always custom made for your specific vehicle.

Rotiform’s 3-piece wheels are constructed from only the highest quality 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum. Every wheel in the line-up is lightweight, incredibly strong, and beautiful in a jaw-dropping and drooling kind of way.

Perhaps the most famous Rotiform wheel ever, the KPS, is also available in 3-piece forged form. It features a step-lip design with various degrees of concavity, rivets which look awesome, and you can pretty much choose any color finish you want - including a gold finish called tequila Sunrise.

This doesn't only apply to the KPS, but all the stunning wheels in the 3-piece forged line.


  • 3-piece forged wheels manufactured using the best quality 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Available in a range of sizes from 18" to 24" sized wheels
  • Get any offset and bolt pattern of you choosing to guarantee the perfect fit
  • Select from a variety of widths starting from 7.5" to 13"
  • Comes in four beautiful standard finishes: Silver, Black, Gunmetal, Bronze, and Gold
  • 100% manufactured in the USA by hand for the ultimate in strength and style

Rotiform 3-piece wheels are 100% manufactured in the USA using the best quality, 6061 T6 aluminum. Each 3-piece forged wheel is entirely handmade to guarantee impeccable quality. From concept sketches to ceramic finishes, everything begins and ends in Rotiform’s Headquarters in California.

Want a set of your own beautiful, strong wheels?

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