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Who is Samco Hoses?

Founded in 1995, Samco Hoses has been the pioneer in producing aftermarket replacement hose kits. 

Samco Hoses has hundreds of kits and is the brand of choice for a wide range of vehicle types from bikes, performance cars, classic cars, and race cars.

Today, Samco is known as the world leader in performance silicone hoses and is highly recommended by multiple car tuners and enthusiasts. Let’s talk more about this brand and learn why people all over the world trust them. 


As their products are used by the world’s leading race teams, they were also able to gather crucial information that allowed them to improve their line even further. 

By upgrading to Samco silicone hoses, you are not just upgrading your car’s aesthetics but also improving its reliability and durability. It’s an investment that is worth every dollar. 

High-Quality Standard

Samco hoses are made out of the best quality fabrics and are manufactured in the UK. All Samco products use state-of-the-art computer-aided design, and are engineered to fit in the original hose location.

They are built to have the same contour shape of the OE hoses, making the installation process hassle-free. It’s another advantage of using their brand. 

It is worth noting that the actual hose is composed of multi-layered materials ensuring the durability even in high temperatures. It can also withstand tremendous stress. It’s safe to say that it’s what you need for any type of condition. 

Purchase Samco Hoses at Vivid Racing

Improve the way your engine bay looks, and upgrade your old boring black rubber hoses with Samco.  

Samco offers replacement hoses such as turbo hoses, radiators hoses, vacuum hoses, couplers and so much more. Visit Vivid racing and check out the list of hoses available for your needs.