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Spare Tire Accessories

Spare Tire Accessories

So, you've invested in big beefy tires, and even though your rig looks more rugged than ever before, you're not sure what you're going to do with the spare. The factory mount is designed to handle a tiny spare donut, not a heavy wheel made for off-road and stairs. Luckily, manufacturers have taken this problem into account and have developed a solution; or several solutions. 

Sometimes just a few inches more room is all you need to do to get a larger spare mounted on the tailgate. If that's your problem, you don't need a new spare tire mount, and you want one of our spare tire mounts, also called extensions or adapters by some brands. The bracket is attached to your existing spare tire carrier, and the spare wheel is attached to the bracket. We have sturdy brackets that position the tire further out to clear the body or higher up to clear the rear bumper, and some brackets do both.

In some cases, getting a larger spare tire mounted and properly supported is not the only challenge. Whether you are using a moving bracket, Spare Tire Carriers, a larger diameter spare can obscure the license plate or interfere with the 3rd brake light. Vivid Racing also offers other parts you may need, such as spare tire locks and tailgate tire stops.

Spare Tire Brackets

Spare tire carrier brackets provide an easy way to safely carry tires that are too large to support a factory bracket safely. The best carrier bracket depends on the model and customization of your vehicle and your tires' size. Choose from bracket designs that can help you adjust your spare parts' clearance or provide support for larger tires. 

If your wheels and tires are larger than the standard measurements or you want to add clearance between your spare and the bumper, consider installing a spare tire carrier bracket. There are several different designs available, including standard brackets that make the spare tire carrier unnecessary and extension and relocation brackets.

Any equipment you can carry outside your off-roader means more space for friends and stuff inside. Plus, some necessities, like gas cans and greasy, dirty jacks, you don't want to be inside your rig. The spare tire carrier brands we offer are off-road, so many of them have created gas can mounts, jerry cans, Rotopax containers, and Hi-lift jack mounts right on the spare tire carrier. These mounting brackets are designed for each carrier, so just like your spare, you can be confident that your cans, containers and jack are securely attached to your machine on even the roughest terrain and that you have quick and easy access to your gear when you need it.

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