ISC Industries has been an industry leader and supplier of premium aftermarket and OEM parts since the 1980s. Seeing a need in the market for a single source competitive manufacturer/supplier of steering and suspension products, ISC Industries decided to bring a complete steering and suspension line to its customer base through strategic alliances with the industry's leading manufacturers of Chassis parts.

ISC Industries, a truly worldwide firm with headquarters and operations in North America, South America, and Europe, proudly presents Suspensia. To its clients in North America, South America, Europe, and the rest of the world, the brand is synonymous with chassis, steering, and suspension components.


Suspensia delivers years of automotive aftermarket knowledge, comprehensive coverage, superior quality, an exact OE fit, and exceptional customer service. Suspensia, backed by years of industry experience, offers high-quality aftermarket and OEM components for a wide variety of makes and models. The company has a reputation for making chassis, steering, and suspension parts that are better than those in the local market.


Suspensia products are created using the highest quality materials and equipment to provide years and miles of trouble-free service. Suspensia components have established themselves as the product of choice for consumers who place a premium on unmatched quality and performance.


Suspensia understands that the chassis, steering, and suspension systems of a vehicle are constantly subjected to road damage and are frequently the first to wear out or fail. Ball joints, tie rods, stabilizer links, control arms, drag links, and bushings are just some of the components that wear and weaken with time. This wear and tear can result in decreased drivability and handling, as well as a loss of control. Maintaining your vehicle's undercarriage components properly and replacing them as necessary will help you avoid serious damage and save money on repair costs. Hence, Suspensia ensures that your car is kept in top condition.


Suspensia manufactures high-quality steering system components, such as pitman arms and idler arms. They provide pivoting support for the steering linkage and enable appropriate wheel rotation. Also, it has drag links, stabilizer links, bushings, and other parts that are important for steering and suspension to work properly.


uspensia is the way to go if you're looking for a proper replacement for worn-out or malfunctioning components in your automobile or if you're looking for the best approach to update your chassis, steering, and suspension systems. It provides tried-and-true solutions that are certain to fit the needs and budgets of all of its customers. Suspensia parts are trusted by hundreds of experts and thousands of automobile owners and are certain to enhance your entire driving experience. You can also purchase Suspensia products on our website.