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Why Upgrade to TE37X Large PCD Wheels?

The TE37 is one of the most popular and iconic aftermarket wheels of all time, however, it was initially designed as a wheel for street and race cars. For those who want the iconic styling and performance of the Volk Racing TE37 in an off-road form, the TE37X is the perfect solution. The Large PCD variant is designed for use on trucks and SUVS, such as the 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, Land Cruiser, and more.

The TE37X Large PCD, just like other Volk Racing wheels, uses a high-strength forged construction. The forged construction, combined with the simple six-spoke design, makes the TE37X one of the strongest and lightest off-road wheels available for trucks and SUVs.


  • Made for high-performance Sports Utility Vehicles and Trucks
  • Features a sleek machined logo
  • Mold-form forged construction
  • Lightweight and very strong

The Volk Racing TE37X Large PCD is engineered and developed by Rays, a renowned, premier wheel manufacturer in Japan for both motorsports and street vehicles. Aside from the TE37X Large PCD, Vivid Racing also has a large catalog of wheels, including brands such as GramLights, Volk Racing, Advan and many more!