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Idlers Design Tire Stickers

Idlers Design Tire Stickers

Tire Stickers is the business behind those fantastic tire lettering kits you've undoubtedly seen on the sides of vehicles both on and off the track. They're available in short-term or long-term installations and come in the shape of a curved sticker with a transfer film, so you don't have to worry about spacing the letters out. Factory lettering, such as 'Toyo Tires' or 'Idlers,' can be added to the letters to offer your OEM tire a greater aesthetic punch. However, if you want to stand out more and more from the crowd, you may go personalized and have lettering that says whatever you want for a unique look. If you don't want to apply the lettering yourself, we can alternatively provide you with pre-lettered tires that will come at your door all stickered up and looking nice!

Tire lettering is the process of writing or drawing visible letters on the sidewalls of a vehicle's tires. In today's world, lettering is mostly used to identify large vehicle manufacturers or tire companies, with personalized lettering being a much smaller part. It can also apply to various aftermarket tire sidewall customizations, such as the "white wall tire" appearance, although every hue of the spectrum, including "rainbow wall tires," is now available.

The Beauty of Idlers Design Tire Stickers

Tire Stickers?? offers a universal "Idlers" tire lettering kit. Permanent Tire Stickers are built to withstand the harshest circumstances and last the life of the tire. Tire Stickers with raised rubber letters are perfect for preserving a greater look and a long-lasting connection under everyday driving circumstances. This tire letter kit provides a strong connection and a high-quality look that will last the tire's life, making it ideal for daily use. Even after 40,000 miles of hard-driving, the kit is completely cleanable. Each Raised Rubber Letter Kit comes with a specially developed tire adhesive as well as application and removal instructions.

Tire Stickers?? offers the Idlers Design solution for you, whether you're a weekend warrior or a professional race crew. These Idlers Design Stickers have been tested and confirmed in a variety of popular televised racing circuits, allowing your tires to stand out amid the crowd. Designed for post-cure tire modification, users may use it on any type of pneumatic tire and various other rubber surfaces.

About Tire Stickers

Welcome to Tire Stickers??, the world's very first official global distributor of one-of-a-kind branding solutions designed for easy, long-lasting application to tire sidewalls and rubber materials. Individual, commercial, high-performance autos, motorbikes, bicycles, and off-road vehicles can all benefit from a range of stickers. Tire Stickers allows clients to create bespoke tire letter kits and logos with either short-term durability or everlasting raised-rubber writing that truly stands out. Almost every large tire manufacturer, including Dunlop, Goodyear, Falken, Continental, Toyo, Michelin, and others, has built strong ties with Tire Stickers??. They are happy to be uniquely affiliated with an officially provide licensed tire brand name designs, which are only accessible through Tire Stickers??, as a result of this collaboration.

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