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TPC Racing 775Blitzkrieg Turbo Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 05-09


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Model #TPC-997TT-775

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TPC Racing 775Blitzkrieg Turbo Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 05+

As you approach it, your heart rate quickens, the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, and your palms become moist in anticipation. You slide into the driver;s seat, feel the click of your seat belt engaging. You turn the key, and are immediately made aware of the beast that sits, growling, caged behind you, waiting for it;s opportunity to be let loose on the unsuspecting masses. As you ease onto the gas, the beast offers a deep, menacing growl of approval as it;s allowed to stretch it;s legs. A few turns, and you come to a stop and find youself alone with the animal and a clear stretch of pavement. A few blips of the throttle and the beast lets you know of its hunger to devour the pavement ahead. Your heart is now beating a million miles per second as you sit at the presipice, the animal behind you straining to be released. In a instant your surroundings are blurred as the beast explodes from a standstill. You are flattened against your seat, your eyes feel as if they are being forced to the back of your head. The adrenaline rush of driving the TPCRacing 775Blitzkrieg is strong enough that this vehicle should only be opperated by those with nerves of steel; ready to step into the lion;s den.

Innovation not imitation; that’s the TPCRacing advantage. With 23 Pro Rolex Grand Am wins and 43 podiums, TPCRacing;s only focus is the pursuit of perfection in performance. We are now proud to offer a package to take the phenomenal power of the 997TURBO, to the next level. Our newest line of upgrades for the 997TURBO includes turbochargers, intercoolers, exhaust, and new ECU tuning. As with all TPCRacing kits; this package has seen extensive testing including hundreds of dyno pulls, track sessions as well as real world driving. This combination of the right parts, and unrivaled tuning prowess have given TPCRacing the ability to produce the world;s most powerful pump gas VTG turbo upgrade package. Because of this kit;s unmatched power and efficiency, this kit has been appropriately dubbed the TPCRacing 775BLITZKRIEG.

Performance is not just all about max horsepower and torque numbers but usable horsepower and torque, that is the TPCRacing advantage! Between 4000 and 6500 rpms the 775B develops approx. 773lb/ft of gut wrenching torque. Each part of the system works in tandem with our extensive knowledge of tuning turbocharged Porsches. The explosive power of the 775 Blitzkrieg hits faster and harder; leaving the competition in the dust.

BLITZKRIEG VGT Turbochargers:
Unleash an avalanche of torque at any RPM with the 775B. At the heart of our 775B 997TT system are our modified VTG turbochargers. The 775B turbo chargers feature a 2.0mm larger compressor inducer than the stock GT2 and a 1.5mm larger exducer. TPC highly modified turbine section increases swallowing capacity to help create a plateau like torque band, ensuring tremendous power throughout the rev-range. This amounts to a 33% more efficient turbo than a factory GT2 unit!

BLITZKRIEG Intercoolers:
Intercoolers play a vital role in controlling pressure drop across the core with increased cooling comes natural pressure rise, an efficiency killer, TPCRacing to the rescue: Introducing the TPCRacing 775Blitzkrieg Intercoolers, with a whopping 127mm(5") core; a full 52mm larger core than stock than the factory 997TT units! The TPCRacing 775B Intercoolers directly bolt into the factory positions and reuse the factory ducting with minor modofication. It is necessary to reuse the factory ducting as its design more efficiently directs fresh, cool air over the intercoolers. While the factory intercooler core is tube and fin, the best type in their application, TPCRacing has come up with a bar and plate hybrid boasting tube and fin type internals. This ground breaking new design has seen benefits of nearly 200lb/ft of torque by 3200RPM with our routine reprogramming.

With the philosophy that "Only the best will do", TPCRacing turned to the Belgian exhaust builder, EUROPIPE, for the exhaust system for the 775BLITZKRIEG. The TPCRacing 775BLITZKRIEG Europipe Exhaust is custom built for the TPCRacing 775B to help move the enormous amount of spent exhaust gases out of the car. The TPCRacing 775BLITZKRIEG Europipe system provides the 775B with a deep growl that commands attention without being over-bearing. The 775B exhaust system continues the EUROPIPE tradition of extraordinary craftmanship, unparalleled performance, and sophisticated tone.

BLITZKRIEG ECU Routine Reprogramming
TPCRacing utilizes the most advanced software tuning available. With our unparalleled understanding of Porsche ECU, we have been able to unlock the 997Turbo;s true potential, and unleash raw power, while still maintainig perfect road manners.

The TPC Racing Blitzkrieg Headers

Supercar Owners Beware!
The NEW TPC Racing 775Blitizkrieg packs an even bigger punch than before! With the addition of our TPC Racing Blitzkrieg Headers, the 775B give a whole new definition to the term "neck snapping acceleration"

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