Turbo Hoses

What is a Turbo Hose?

The turbo hoses are used to convey this air at high pressure, both during suction and compression. The turbo hose must work in conjunction with all the parts in your car'scar's turbocharger to enable it to deliver its optimum performance.  

It is vital to look for a turbo hose that can withstand very high temperatures. Apart from being heat-resistant, the turbo hose must be able to withstand high pressure as it carries the pressurized air produced by the turbocharger.

Silicone is the most common type of material used in manufacturing turbo hoses. But what differentiates one silicone turbo hose from another is its reinforcing fabric layer. 

Silicone with aramid layers -  aramid is a unique fabric said to have fantastic resistance to high and low temperatures (500°F). Its resistance to temperature and pressure has been proven through its extreme applications in fireproof racing ensembles and firefighter suits.

What is Turbocharging?

A turbocharger uses the hot exhaust gases' velocity and heat energy rushing out of an engine's cylinders to spin a turbine that drives an impeller, compressing more air back into the engine. A supercharger also pumps additional air into the engine. It is still instead driven mechanically by the engine via a belt that runs off the crankshaft or, these days, by an electric motor.

The concept of force-feeding an engine more air than it would typically ingest to burn more fuel and produce more power. A turbocharger can supply this additional intake air. Both are air compressors, but they operate and perform very differently.

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