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Fire Extinguishers | Mounts - Fire Extinguishers and Mounts

Why is Fire Extinguisher an Essential Component on Automobiles Especially Supercars?

In terms of fire inside a house or any establishments, about 80% of all fire cases, a simple yet portable fire extinguisher is all that is needed to put out the fire. Research has found that 60% of fires remain undetected. This implies that the fire is not serious and a fire extinguisher can be managed quickly.

How necessary for society as a whole are fire extinguishers? The most popular fire safety applications are fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are highly significant and in certain cases, they are the first to suppress or eradicate fire and stop costly damages. Often forgotten gadgets can be the cause of a fire incident and a crucial element to maintaining your security in the event of a disaster.

Fire Extinguishers for Racing and Supercars

A fire has always represented a hazard in racing. Even a well-kept racing car is prone to an accident. The last scenario you want to do as a fire occurs is to watch a racing car go into smoke and crumble to the ground while burning without taking any action. Fast intervention is essential here. Fortunately, new developments allow us to secure ourselves and our vehicles with extinguishers, extinguishing systems, and fire suppression systems that have been specifically developed. They will make a big difference between a minor occurrence and a big tragedy, planned with productivity and durability in particular.

We have curated a large inventory of durable, portable, and high-tech fire extinguishers in our online store that will help to keep you protected. The extinguishers vary in the number of nozzles, such that your car efficiently extinguishes the most important and unsafe sections at the front and rear ends. Depending on the specifications and area of use, you can also select between manual, automatic, and electronic versions. Moreover, you should pick between clean extinguisher and dry chemicals. The former engulfs and destroys the fire domino effect and does not restore control to the generator. The latter penetrates extensively into rough areas and does not leave any trace. For the safety of sensitive electronic devices, it is highly recommended.

Some of Our Top-of-the-Line Fire Extinguishers and Mounts

Safecraft Safety Equipment Fire Extinguishers

Many of the experienced professionals in the engine, automobile, maritime, sea, and other challenging sectors are employing Safecraft Safety Equipment Fire Extinguishers. This company is known for its creative concepts and its products have the best quality possible components. Safecraft has been the top automotive fire control systems supplier in the United States for over 20 years and the most trustworthy brand in motorsports.

Axia Alloys

The fire extinguisher mounts for Axia Alloys are imaginative work. The 6061 aluminum and alloy steel parts in the aircraft classification are precise and perfectly milled. Both touchpoints are ringed such that even the most difficult of the off-road conditions do not wear or rip. Only take out the red quick release handle and you're set for the 2lb fire extinguisher.

ModSquad Racing Fire Extinguisher Mount

Thinking how to get safely to the other end of the terrain in an off-road path? Stuff can get a little insane and when you bring a fire extinguisher, it can be a nice way to be prepared for unexpected accidents. Those rugged destinations can be challenging, so you need some mounts to keep the extinguisher secure. Worry no more because ModQuad Racing Aluminum is here to keep you covered.

This assembly is extremely resistant to corrosion and oxidation through the years with its robust aluminum structure. It can be sold in a range of devices that can work up to 2 lb. It can be found in various sizes. It is super lightweight and does not require much room, along with its heavy-duty construction, for attachment of additional attachments to the roller bars on your unit. This extinguisher mount is the next best extension to your favorite off-road beast, complete with all the requisite equipment and guidelines for a seamless installation!

We Bring You The Finest Fire Extinguishers that Anyone Could Ask For!

The fire extinguishers, built with the racetrack in mind, have a rust-resistant, super-hard framework that survives in difficult conditions. We have a wide variety of high-quality mounts, brackets, easily detach mounts, and more to keep the fire extinguishers comfortably installed and readily available. They can be easily directed to the source of the fire within arm's reach. They have excellent simplicity and lightness when it comes to fire extinguishing devices and their service is more comprehensive. These devices are triggered automatically after you have pressed a button or dragging a cable and are plumbed in your race car. So, regardless of the rivalry challenges, please visit our website. For you, we have a remedy for fire safety that's all right at a fair price.

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