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Lug Nuts

Lug Nuts and What They Do

Lug nuts connect the wheels of a vehicle to studs and axles. Each wheel nut distributes pressure and prevents other nuts, bearings or studs from being exposed to excessive pressure and becoming damaged.

It is a nut fastener with one rounded or conical end, used on steel and most aluminum wheels. A set of lug nuts is typically used to secure a wheel to threaded wheel studs and thereby to a vehicle's axles. Some use lug bolts or wheel bolts instead of nuts, which screw into a tapped hole in the wheel's hub or brake drum or brake disc.

Which means, they do a very basic job. And yet, as enthusiasts, we want our lug nuts to be a special part of our car.

You probably get a lot of people looking at your car because of your pretty wheels and tires. Unfortunately, some think about how great your wheels would look on their car. For you not to find your car sitting on cinder blocks and your precious wheels gone, you must do whatever it takes to protect what’s yours with a set of wheel locks. 

Wheel locks are relatively cheap compared to the cost of a new set of wheels and tires. Wheel locks are very easy to use and they function just like regular lug nuts. Each set has a unique, computer-generated pattern that will only accept the supplied key tool that is necessary for removal and installation. Genius, right?

Some aftermarket wheels are engineered to use factory lug nuts, however, others need new hardware to be installed.

High-quality steel and hardening processes used in the construction of wheel locks ensure the ultimate in security while the chrome plating provides long-lasting luster. Mind you, the average chrome-plated lug nut is subjected to corrosion and discoloration from the elements. Plus, the surface of the lug nuts can be further marred by lug wrenches and impact guns every time they’re removed and installed. 

Our lug nuts are also triple chrome plated to resist corrosion and provide long-lasting shine that won’t rust, chip, or peel. If you find chrome too chintzy, we have lug nuts that come anodized in a plethora of colors.

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