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DPE Wheels

DPE wheels is one of the older companies that needs no introduction. You will really get what you pay for when choosing these wheels to roll with – except you pay a lower price than what you actually perceive when you read, “you get what you pay for.”

DPE is staying with times with their designs and innovation. The latest craze is their Monoblock forged wheels and Deep Concave designs.

DPE's custom forged wheel line utilizes the highest quality forged T6 - 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. The components in the manufacturing process ensure each wheel is lightweight while maintaining stringent structural integrity specifications.

DPE Wheels has five lines of beautiful alloys:

    Forged Monoblock

    A two-piece wheel they endearingly called Duoblock

    A 3-piece line called, well, Three-piece

    A new flow formed line of wheels called Flowtech

    And the DPEiD or DPE individual Program


DPE Wheels has created a new line to offer a wider range of enthusiasts more affordable wheels that possess all the quality standards characteristic of a DPE wheel. 

The new Flowtech line is manufactured using an advanced technology flow forming process resulting in a wheel that is not only lighter and stronger, but has much greater shock resistance and load capacity over traditional cast wheels.

DPE’s sole Flowtech model, the FT-5S is available in a 20-inch size and features a timeless 5-spoke design with very modern details inspired by our forged DPE EVO. The wheels are engineered, tested, and carry JWL/VIA certification.


The DPE Individual Program (DPEiD) allows you to collaborate with DPE Wheels in designing a custom "1 of 1" wheel of your own.  

Truly bespoke custom wheels reach the next level by tailoring not only your specific vehicle requirements, but also your aesthetic ones. Whether you have a custom vehicle that requires a special wheel or vehicle that you want to set apart from the rest ... DPEiD is the perfect choice.

Any wheel can be customized with any finish, center style, and lip style. Every set is made to order so you can have any type of fitment, be it aggressive or mild, or just about any option you choose.

Buy online or give one of our world-class professionals a call at 1-480-966-3040.