Forgiato Wheels

The Forgiato Story

From cast wheel importers to a titan in luxury wheel manufacturing, Forgiato has stayed endlessly committed to pushing the envelope of excellence and innovation in the ever-changing aftermarket wheel industry. The brand has been built on a foundation of precision and accuracy unmatched by any other company in the industry.

Forgiato’s story began in 2002 when they imported wheels from the Far East to the States. But there is something amiss with the quality of the wheels they were importing. So, they sold their wheel importing business and started their own line of custom wheels.

They aimed to deliver high-end custom wheels for the most luxurious, most extravagant things on Earth with four wheels and a seat. To achieve this, Forgiato combined the latest technological advancements with premium materials. Which means that they took an aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and made it the most beautiful piece of metal ever placed under a wheel well. 

The Process

Forgiato remains ahead of the lipped curve with innovative technology that continues to move us rapidly into the future. Designed, cut, and finished in Los Angeles California, Forgiato remains committed to the superiority of All-American manufacturing and production. 

They believe that the most effective and efficient means to ensure unrivaled design, is to guarantee all of our product is fully constructed and assembled in the United States of America.

Forgiato brings outstanding designs with to car enthusiasts all over the globe. One-piece and three-piece wheels offered by Forgiato are carefully forged from the top-grade materials, processed and heat-treated until the rims exceed the most rigorous quality standards set by the industry.

The process starts with compacting the metal and eliminate voids and porosity which is the source of cracks and corrosion. The result is that less metal is required to achieve a given strength. That means lighter wheels can be made. A very unique side effect of forging? A forged wheel maintains its luster for much longer periods compared to a cast wheel.

The complete look of your car depends on the wheels it rolls on. Forgiato knows that. The ultimate attention to detail in construction and design is a standard for the company. Each wheel is meticulously designed by the most creative minds in the industry.

They blend fantasy and cutting-edge technologies to create unique custom rims that are second to none. Forgiato sees wheels as they should be, not as they are. This enables them to feel and embody the deepest desires of its customers. 

Forgiato Wheels

The unique style and appeal of the first Forgiato wheels might be responsible for changing the custom car scene forever. The brand’s 3-piece wheels are made from aerospace-grade forged aluminum and are available in an array finishes. These include extreme concave, step lip, raised rim, and everything in between.

Custom Styling

Forgiato 3-piece wheels are the epitome of what a custom wheel should be. Made for aesthetic enhancement, fit, and designed to make a statement, they continuously surpass the most discerning of expectations. Every single detail features minute attention to detail and an intergalactic level of craftsmanship.

Featuring custom engravings, chromed rivets, and profound lip innovations, you’ll enjoy every wheel with the finest offerings in the industry. With Forgiato wheels, you can enjoy everything there is to want from a set of wheels!

Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

Forgiato wheels guarantee unparalleled quality and performance through 100% American construction and assembly. They use only American made parts and products. Every made-to-order piece is a precise reflection of the high level of expectations that customers look for from Forgiato.

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