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Konig Wheels

Konig Wheels

Konig is best known for being a pioneer and a driving force behind the growth of the compact sport culture. Over 35 years Konig has made some of the world's highest quality aftermarket wheels. Konig started as a business that focused on designing wheels for the first time for children to accessorize import vehicles. After decades of proven track and street based performance, Konig has developed into a business that manufactures wheels for several types of vehicles, to countries all over the world and to the world's largest wheel and tire dealers.

All of the products produced at their factories are the result of the latest technology. Their wheels exceed strict standards that are needed to ensure the safest product on today’s vehicles. Being on the cutting edge of wheel technology and the ability to continually improve is something they are obsessed with.

Konig’s Flow Forming Technology

Flow forming is one of the most advanced manufacturing technologies to enter the wheel industry. Flow Forming Technology involves the application of pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel, while spinning and after it has been casted. This process stretches and compresses the aluminum, which increases tensile strength. In this respect the process shares similar properties to those found in the forging process. The final product is lighter, stronger, has increased elongation, and a much greater shock resistance as well as an increased load capacity over regular cast wheels.

It is no secret that Konig is using Enkei’s MAT technology which has a drastic effect on the material structure. The spinning and flow-forming processes used in the manufacturing process help to achieve properties that could only be obtained through the process of forging before. The effect is an additional end-product density, ensuring that there would be no porosity or voids that may effect in cracks or corrosion. As a result, the Konig rims have long maintained their luster.

Some of Konig’s most poular models is the Dekagram. It is a lightweight, 10-spoke design that is developed with Konig’s flow forming technology that offers benefits for road and street use. 

Konig’s Popular Models

With Konig’s motorsport background, the Dekagram’s spoke design enhances brake cooling as well as exceptional brake caliper clearance. With widths up to 10.5″ wide, achieving the perfect stance on many popular vehicles isn’t even a challenge. Elegance and panache come instilled with the Dekagram. They make an impression at first glance, and at second glance. The Dekagram line evokes sophistication with aggressive, edgy styling.

The Konig Oversteer is built upon the most forward styling and uncompromising level of quality, durability, and performance that hardcore racers and speed junkies alike have grown to expect from Konig. Blending refined luxury with aggressiveness, these wheels are not built for the mainstream crowd. They are created for those of us who want to have it all.

The Ultraform is a lightweight, 7-spoke design that has been developed for strength on the track while offering a modern and aggressive look when rolling around town. The Ultraform’s design lends to efficient brake cooling as well as exceptional brake caliper clearance. With widths up to 10.5″ wide, toughening up the stance on many rear wheel drive vehicles is an easy task for the Ultaform. 

Konig designs and manufactures the most advanced wheels and leaves no rock unturned in its drive to bring the latest in design and function to its customers. Each Konig wheel is designed to meet strict OEM requirements and exacting standards of quality control. Konig stands 100 percent behind their products, aiming to please each individual customer. Both Konig rims are fitted with a one-year warranty against content and manufacturing defects.

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