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Wiper Blade Accessories

Wiper Blade Accessories

Wipers are one of the few widely visible components that a DIY driver can simply replace. They're necessary for clearing snow, rain, ice, dust, pollen, and other particles from your windscreen so you can see clearly while driving. Because poor vision is a common cause of car accidents, windshield wipers, lights, and interior ventilation are essential for safe driving.

Windshield Wiper Parts

  • Windscreen wiper arm
  • Spring flexors
  • Connectors
  • Spoiler
  • Rubber element

You can have a collision regardless of how good your brakes are if you can't spot the obstruction and react in time to apply the brake pedal. At 60 mph, your vehicle travels 88 feet in one second, so even a minor pause due to poor vision can be fatal. With high-quality wiper blades, you can be sure of excellent vision in any weather. Now is the time to browse our broad assortment and be ready for anything Mother Nature has in mind.

Common Signs of Wear

Wiper blades, like air filters, tires, and brake shoes, need to be replaced regularly. However, most drivers disregard them and only discover they need fresh ones when their eyesight is obstructed by rain or snow. Check your blades for damages to the rubber squeegee and supporting steel substructure regularly. Here are a few indicators that it's time to replace:

  • Bent frame. It can be harmed for various reasons, including cutting ice off a windshield and car washes. A twisted wiper arm causes poor windshield contact for whatever cause
  • Streaking. When a rubber squeegee dries, hardens, or breaks, or when unwanted things such as tree sap build on a windshield or blade, this happens
  • Splitting. The sun worsens a rubber squeegee, causing it to split from the frame
  • Chattering. Those noises indicate that the blades are only in touch with the glass for a portion of the time and are unable to adequately clean it
  • Wide Selection of Wiper Blade Accessories

    Most blades only provide optimal performance for around six months, according to testing, so it's a great opportunity to replace them at that time, despite their look. Our company offers wipers in a range of sizes for all popular automobiles, including rear wipers, in a wide range of styles to suit any weather. We even offer performance models with twin wipers and a corrosion-resistant polycarbonate frame in your choice of colors. They will straightly replace your factory parts and give your vehicle a vibrant personalized look while providing excellent performance.

    Conventional frame-type windshield wipers will provide good performance if you reside in a temperate region with little snowfall. A sturdy steel superstructure with claws to grip the natural rubber squeegee and pivots and joints that allow the structure to move and provide even pressure to the blade is common. This kind is standard equipment on millions of automobiles and trucks, and our replacement parts deliver OE-quality and performance. It's also usually the most reasonably priced, making it a wonderful deal.

    Durable Accessories for Bad Weather

    To guarantee the squeegee adapts to the curvature of the windshield, beam-type blades employ a flat piece of spring steel covered in plastic instead of a framework. This style is best for the winter, but it may be worn all year. Many premium blades feature enhanced squeegee material, such as silicone-impregnated rubber or Teflon or graphite-coated rubber, to prevent ice and snow from clinging to the blade. Beam wipers have a lower, more aerodynamic shape that reduces wind drag, and better materials enable longer service life.

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