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AeroCatch Black 125 Series Flush Below Panel Hood Fastners Built-in Security Lock



Model #125-2100

Shopper Award

British-made AeroCatch sets new standards in panel fixing for the 21st century, providing a wide variety of fixing solutions for the Motorsport, Specialist Vehicle, Marine, Transportation and Packaging industries. The efficient shear pin locking operation evolved after many hours of 3D computer modelling. Prototypes proved all high performance design criteria had been met including security, functionality, safety, ease of installation and operation, aesthetic styling and optional secondary locking.

AeroCatch carried out projects together with commercial engineering division of Exeter University, XAT. XAT were also researched suitable material that would operate under extreme conditions. A lightweight, glass reinforced engineering thermoplastic resulted, which robust, non-corrosive and can be spray-painted exactly as convential materials.

The new, aerodynamically efficient and aesthetically styled AeroCatch is setting new standards in panel fixing for the 21st century, providing a wide variety of fixing solutions for competition and racing applications.

The efficient shear pin locking operation was designed after hours of 3D computer modeling. Many prototypes were produced proving all performance criteria had been met including safety, security, functionality, operation, ease of installation, aesthetic styling, and optional key locking.

In a competition setting, securing a vehicles hood is absolutely critical. Failure to secure a vehicles hood can cause catastrophic problems as it would eliminate all driver visibility. Factory hood locking mechanisms simply are not made to withstand extended high speeds or competition use and abuse. Aside from AeroCatch's strength, it is also easy to use. AeroCatch is easy to operate, even with a gloved hand. AeroCatch can be opened with your fingertips, no fiddling with pins like with traditional race hood latches. AeroCatch hood fastners can replace traditional hood pin setups. Installation requires cutting and drilling of hood.

Designed to fix from underneath the panel thereby creating a flush surface. Ideally suited for composite panels. Can be bonded in position so that there are no fasteners visible from the top of the panel

Includes key and lock mechanism for added security.

The aerodynamically efficient and styled AeroCatch is setting new standards in panel fixing, providing a wide variety of fixing solutions for bodywork on vehicles. Options to mount and operate in top or side positions making suitable for lift off and hinged panels. Security lock fitted and supplied with 4 keys for this Below Panel Locking kit.

Schematic Dimensions of AeroCatch 125 Series


  • Above Panel Simple installation
  • Aluminium strike pins
  • Lightweight, high strength
  • Corrosion resistant and UV stable
  • Top or side mounting
  • Handle visible if not closed correctly
  • Non trip hazard in closed position
  • Includes: 2 AeroCatch, 2 Nut Plates, 2 Aluminium Strike Pins, 2 Rubber Bump Stops, 1 Fastener Kit, 4 Keys, 1 Arrow Sticker Set
  • Fits most vehicles

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

AeroCatch is setting new standards in panel fixing for the 21st century, providing a wide variety of fixing solutions for the Motorsport, Specialist Vehicle, Marine, Transportation and Packaging industries. AeroCatch is most commonly used to secure lightweight carbon fiber hoods or trunks on race vehicles. Their unique latch system allows for a secure and flush fit. AeroCatch hood latches can be used on any carbon fiber or aftermaket racing hood.
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