What is Aerolidz?

Aerolidz is a product of Aerox Industries that eliminates the whistling sound made by LED lightbars. The popularity of offroading has skyrocketed in recent years as more truck owners are customizing their rigs to handle occasional off-road duties. The most common upgrade aside from the big tires is the LED light bars. But there is a problem; light bars produce noise while driving at speed. This is why Aerolidz was formed.

An Ingenious Solution

What Aerolidz does is it improves the aerodynamics of the lightbar. It reduces the drag created by the light, which was the root cause of the whistling sound. 

Sometimes all you need is just a simple solution.

Making the Best, Better

Aerox Industries does not stop in continuing to improve Aerolidz. Backed with the most talented engineers in the industry, they are finding ways to improve their current product to make it better and provide a better experience to their clients. Today, they offer inserts to change the look of the Aerolidz.

Made Up of High-Quality Material

Their product is made up of high-quality materials which include a special blend of Polycarbonate. This ensures that it won’t turn yellow in the sun and become brittle over time.

Purchase Aerolidz by Aerox at Vivid Racing

If you are tired of hearing that whistle from your lightbar while driving on a highway, then it's time for you to purchase Aerolidz. It suits a variety of light bar sizes and covers most of the light bars available in the market today. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of products today.