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Aeromotions S1.Dynamic Wing Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09



Model #AM-997T-S1

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It all starts with the airfoil. Aeromotions was created at MIT, raised in a $42 million Formula 1 rolling road wind tunnel, then refined on the race track. The Aeromotions Wing Blade is the most refined airfoil commercially available to the public. Aeromotions signature 2D design has grown up to be the highest downforce with the lowest drag airfoil around.

Get the Aeromotions Edge. Wind tunnel designed and race-proven, AeroMotions wings shave time off your best lap. The heart of every wing is Aeromotions signature high-downforce, low-drag wing blade. Borrowed from a military UAV, this is the most advanced airfoil available for your car. They've been used to break track records around the world.

The 997 Turbo wing is essentially an active version of the Porsche GT2 RS wing. Porsche positioned and sized the airfoil very well. We upgraded it to a more effective wing shape, and added all the advantages of a Dynamic Wing. On the straightaways, the wing automatically flattens out for Drag Reduction (DRS) just like an F1 car. When you hit the breaking zone, the wing automatically engages full downforce, and Air-braking, to stop all that speed and keep the rear end where it belongs behind you. It's aero bliss.

We take everything to the next level. So when we decided to tackle arguably the most iconic auto ever, we did full scale Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) calculations and analysis on the ENTIRE 997 body. Most manufactures limit CFD to the airfoil only. But this gives them a limited, distorted view of reality. Aero is a full-car solution. Changes in the wing effect the way air flows around the entire car body. Through full-car CFD, we learned how every nook and cranny on the 997 Carrera effects the downforce, drag, and performance of our signature airfoil. We took the science to the next level so you can take the next podium.


  • High downforce, low drag airfloil
  • Wind tunnel tested and race-proven
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09
  • The 997T S1 wing fits perfectly in your Vorsteiner deck lid.

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/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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