AST Suspension 100mm Length x 120 N/mm Rate x 61mm ID Racing Spring Set

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AST Suspension 100mm Length x 120 N/mm Rate x 61mm ID Racing Spring Set

AST Suspension Linear Racing Springs come in all common sizes and spring rates.

They are made out of extreme high tensile chrome silicon wire and are coiled by a Wafios compression coiling machine. This combination ensures that every spring is made with care and perfection. Linear Racing Springs are pre-blocked and are protected for corrosion according OEM specifications.


  • Spring Type: Linear Racing
  • Spring Length: 100mm
  • Spring Rate: 120 N/mm
  • Spring ID: 61mm
  • Linear Racing Springs are provided as a 2 piece set.

Other Part Numbers:
AST Suspension #astAST-100-120-61

Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

The Story Behind AST Suspension

Advanced Suspension Technology (AST) has continuously evolved since its inception in 2000. From progressive lowering springs to 3-way adjustable dampers with external reservoirs, AST Suspension offers a wide range of products for almost any application. 

AST Suspension was founded by Piet Kreeft and Peter Smits; their roots in suspension development and industrial manufacturing pushed the company to the forefront even in its early stages. For nearly 15 years, Piet supported professional auto and motorcycle racing for KONI Suspension at several prestigious circuits around the globe. Piet later left KONI to start Aragosta Suspension, becoming a leader in both motocross and GP racing. Aragosta built upon his success and expanded the product range to include most vehicle applications. Piet later formed HI TECH, where he worked with INDY cars and was very active in the chassis and suspension space.

After leaving HI TECH, Piet formed AST with Peter Smits of Smits Factory in 2000. Together, the knowledgeable pair combined their years of technical expertise to design and construct new suspension systems. AST earned its name through unparalleled quality control and manufacturing flexibility, setting it apart from the competition in the suspension industry. Apart from its impressive sport and street damper product lineup, AST also succeeded in European motorsports. 

AST Suspension in North America

AST Suspension NA was established to offer the U.S. the same high-performance shocks used by enthusiasts and race teams throughout Europe. With a demanding market for more powerful vehicles, handling and control is just as important to keep that power in check. 

AST Suspension NA was formed and is headquartered in Irvine, California, at the heart of the U.S. automotive industry. The U.S. team specializes in serving the North American market via sales, product support, and service, working directly with the AST and Moton headquarters in Holland. 

Dedicated to Quality Products

AST Suspension is dedicated to exceeding its customer’s expectations in terms of support, service, and innovative, high-quality products. AST designs, manufactures, and sells shock absorbers and related products with a specialization in the production of shock absorbers for vehicles serving normal street use and competition purposes as race, rally, autocross, quads, karts, etc. AST is able to achieve such high-quality parts by controlling the entire production process. Its headquarters is set in the same building as Smits factory, where 80% of the parts are made. This ensures continuity and the European quality guarantee that the company promises.

AST suspension takes pride in its work and is continuously working to improve its products by way of technical know-how, experience, and testing on circuits, roads and specific terrain.

AST Suspension at Vivid Racing

If you are ready to upgrade your vehicle’s suspension, then you have come to the right place. Vivid Racing carries a wide range of quality products from AST, including coilovers, bushings, mounts, sway bar links, steering components, and more! Please call our sales team at (480) 966-3040 with any questions you may have regarding parts or fitment.

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