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Big Gun TFI Power Box Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 / X 15-16


Big Gun Exhaust

Model #40-R50H

Shopper Award

When installing an aftermarket exhaust, proper tuning is a must. The Big Gun Power Box is a plug-and-play fuel controller that allows you to properly tune your fuel injected motorcycle, ATV or Side x Side in just minutes. Installing a Power Box allows you to get the most out of your aftermarket exhaust and increases throttle response. A Power Box helps cure the lean issue that is run into when installing a higher-flowing exhaust and comes pre-programmed with a middle-of-the-road setting already into it, making it easy to install and go ride.


  • Increases horsepower and throttle response
  • Installs in minutes
  • Third generation technology
  • No computer needed to adjust EFI
  • Plug-in technology (Does not interfere with stock ECU map)
  • Integrated faceplate buttons provide easy adjustment
  • Highly recommended for any EFI unit with aftermarket exhaust
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • This product is not ARB / CARB compliant and cannot be sold in the state of California

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


Vehicle Engine Notes
Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000

About Big Gun Exhaust

Big Gun Exhaust was founded in 1997 by former professional motocross racer, Mike Young, Jr., a three-time winner of the AMA National Four-Stroke Championship. He knew what it took to win the races and used that knowledge to start a business of manufacturing high-performance, quality exhausts for the motocross and sport ATV market, and eventually the side-by-side and street markets as well.

New Ownership, New Success

After more than a decade of success under Young, Big Gun Exhaust was sold to a new owner in the hopes of facilitating further growth. In 2010, the company changed ownership once more, which called for tremendous restructuring in an effort to improve the brand. The new management and sales team helped rebuild the Big Gun Exhaust brand and streamline production and manufacturing processes under one roof in Corona, California. The more efficient manufacturing process resulted in a new level of success never before seen with Big Gun. Today, Big Gun Exhaust boasts one of the largest four-stroke exhaust product lines available and caters to the MX, Sport ATV, Utility ATV, Side-by-Side, Street, and Scooter markets.

What Makes Big Gun Exhaust Special?

All quality Big Gun Exhaust products are made right here in the USA using some of the latest cutting-edge equipment, and design and production techniques. Big Gun Exhaust takes pride in having one of the fastest lead times in the industry, which has allowed it to see exponential growth in the last few years. 

Big Gun Exhaust has garnered a huge customer base all around the world thanks to its emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. Its partnerships with successful race teams and riders only further solidified the brand’s dedication to competing and winning. The company’s experienced team continues to work closely with racing teams, sponsoring different motorsports events and gathering valuable data to be used in improving its product lineup. 

Big Gun Exhaust’s R&D department has been tirelessly working to stay ahead of the competition and develop new innovative systems that exceed customer expectations. The successful ECO, EVO, and EXO lines of four-stroke exhaust systems have been accompanied by the premier EXO stainless series which set the bar even higher for aftermarket performance exhausts in the growing ATV and side-by-side markets. 

Upgrade to Big Gun Exhaust Today

Big Gun Exhaust is one of the leading ATV, Motocross, UTV, and Side-by-side exhaust manufacturer in the USA. If you are interested in upgrading to one of its systems, look no further. Vivid Racing has a wide selection of products from Big Gun Exhaust, including exhaust tips, fuel regulators, mufflers, headers, power boxes, packing kits, snorkel kits, and piggyback modules. If you cannot find a particular part above or have questions regarding Big Gun Exhaust, please call our specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040.

Warranty Policy


Your Big Gun Exhaust system is warranted against manufacturing defects for material and workmanship for one (1) year from date of purchase from Big Gun Exhaust or from any authorized Big Gun Exhaust dealer, distributor, or exporter. During the warranty period [one (1) year], the warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective products. The warranty shall be void if the exhaust has been mounted on a vehicle and run, or it is determined that any alleged defect is the result of misuse, neglect, abuse, or modification of the product. There is no warranty for normal wear and tear of products, or for any damage that may have come about from a crash, or from improper maintenance of the muffler and/or packing. There is no warranty on exhaust with regard to any form of discoloration or bluing which are caused by tuning characteristics (i.e. cam timing, carburetor jetting, over heating due to lack of packing and incorrect fuel/air mixture) and is not caused by a defect in manufacturing.

TFI Power Box

Your Big Gun Exhaust TFI Power Box fuel controller is warranted against manufacturing defect for material and workmanship for two (2) years from date of purchase from Big Gun Exhaust or from any authorized Big Gun Exhaust dealer, distributor, or exporter. Any modifications made to the TFI Power Box i.e. cut wires, soldered wires, excessive water damage, etc., will void the warranty in its entirety. There is no warranty for improper installation or misuse of the product (improper tuning), and Big Gun Exhaust is not liable for any potential damage caused to the engine due to improper installation or tuning.

Rev Box

Your Big Gun Exhaust Rev Box (CDI box) is warranted against manufacturing defect for material and workmanship for six (6) months from date of purchase from date of purchase from Big Gun Exhaust or from any authorized Big Gun Exhaust dealer, distributor, or exporter. Any modifications made to the Rev Box i.e. cut wires, soldered wires, excessive water damage, excessive exposure to heat, etc., will void the warranty in its entirety. There is no warranty for improper installation or abnormal use or misuse of the product, and Big Gun Exhaust is not liable for any potential damage caused to the engine due to improper installation, use, or tuning.

Tuning - Fuel Injected Vehicles

All fuel injected vehicles must have their fuel system remapped before use of any Big Gun Exhaust slip on or full system exhaust. Failure to properly remap the fuel system can/will result in major engine and exhaust malfunctions, for which Big Gun Exhaust disclaims all warranties. Big Gun Exhaust requires using a TFI Power Box or comparable fuel adjustment module for proper remapping and adjustment. Do not run a Big Gun Exhaust system until a fuel adjustment module is installed.

Jetting - Carbureted Vehicles

Improper jetting of your carburetor will void all Big Gun Exhaust warranties. For the purpose of this warranty, "improper jetting" shall mean that the jetting in the carburetor is too rich or the opposite, is too lean, causing excessive heat of which damages the structure/materials of which this exhaust is manufactured. Improper jetting can lead to exhaust failure and major engine failure.

Muffler Packing

All Big Gun Exhaust systems/mufflers (excluding all mechanical style/non-packing type mufflers) come with high temperature fiberglass packing. Our packing supplier requires repacking of your Big Gun Exhaust muffler every fifteen (15) - twenty (20) hours of ride/drive time. Failure to maintain proper packing within your muffler as required will void the warranty in its entirety. Since an ill-packed muffler will have nowhere to dissipate the heat, discoloration of the muffler is one of the first signs of misuse, as well as a peeling/discoloring decal. In addition, the muffler will develop a slight echo sound and increase in overall decibel output. Also, since the packing material generally burns out from the inlet to the outlet, removal of the outlet end cap may lead to the false observation that the muffler is sufficiently packed, though the packing material may be greatly lacking towards the inlet side of the muffler. Loose rivets at the inlet cap are also signs of packing deterioration. Most importantly, deterioration of the muffler packing leads to overall horsepower loss. If you adhere to routine repacking as suggested by this warranty policy, you will maintain proper performance gains, sound output, and any applicable warranty.

Return Process

Big Gun Exhaust reserves the right to accept or decline product for repair, refurbish, replacement, or for credit, at its discretion. Big Gun Exhaust credit is valid for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase. No credit will be issued for labor or any other costs other than that of the purchase price of the product. All products that are accepted as a warranty claim that are repaired or replaced will be sent back via UPS-Ground shipping or USPS Priority Mail, and will be at the discretion of Big Gun Exhaust. To make a claim for a potential warranty product, you must contact Big Gun Exhaust and obtain a return authorization (RA) number or credit memo (CM) number before sending any product to Big Gun Exhaust. All potential warranty claims must be accompanied by valid proof of purchase, such as a copy of an invoice or written receipt, from either the manufacture or authorized seller, which displays the date of which your product was purchased. In some cases, if requested by a Big Gun Exhaust representative, photos of the potential warranty issue (fitment, defect, etc.) may be required in order for the warranty to be approved. All returns must be sent back to Big Gun Exhaust freight prepaid. All warranties will be honored to the direct purchaser only.

Disclaimer: All products manufactured and/or distributed by Big Gun Exhaust are a) intended for use on stock vehicles specific to the U.S. market; b) for closed course use only unless otherwise stated, and c) not intended to meet emission regulations for use on public lands, roads, or access routes. Please consult with your local jurisdictions regarding relevant laws. Big Gun Exhaust cannot guarantee fitment, applicability, or effectiveness of any product on modified vehicles. We reserve the right to change product descriptions, specifications, quality, pricing, part numbers, or applications at any time without notice and without further obligation. The buyer assumes all risk for any and all damage or injury caused to themselves, a third party, and/or property by virtue of failure of these products. By installing and/or using a Big Gun Exhaust product, you hereby accept and understand these stated terms and conditions and have followed all instructional steps.

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