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Bull Bars & Grille Guards

High-Performance Bull Bars and Grille Guards

Not only does armoring your pickup or Range Rover with a Grille Guard or Bull Bar offer front end security for your pickup truck, but it also offers it a tough and rough look that makes everything look like it's prepared for the adventure even though you're cruising the main street. Scan our virtual store for the light guards, Grille Guard, Bull Bar, push bar, front and rear bumper guards, and Grille Guard attachments if you want to get secured and make statements with your truck that will transform it into an off-road-ready fighter.

High-Quality Bull Bars? We've Got You!

All the bars and guards we have are made from heavy chrome-plated steel; durable, thick steel is powder-coated to withstand rust, scratching, and chipping; high-quality steel with a brush or a mirror-like sheen; and or aluminum. This robust build and finish mean that not only today but for years to come, whatever item you purchase will look amazing on your car. Each attachment is custom-made for the request, and installation is normally a bolt-on operation using the vehicle's existing mounting points, with no cutting or drilling needed.

Two center uprights connect to the door, connected by several horizontal tubes or braces, in a simple Grille Guard, also called a brush guard. Most often have light guards that stretch from each upright and wrap around to shield fragile headlights from destruction. Some are a modular system that enables you to mount the headlight guards later or mount the design of your option of headlight guard. A perforated screen that will shield your grille from rocks and other debris that could puncture your radiator and leave you stranded is another security option provided on some Grille Guards.

Bull Bars and Grille Guards for Optimized Security

A Bull Bar is for you if you want front end security for your truck but don't want to hide the awesome looks under a huge grille guard. Although Bull Bars do not fill the entire front side, their heavy-duty, large-diameter tubes give the lower grille and the middle and underneath of the front bumper with sturdy defense, particularly when fitted with a skid plate. Our Bull Bars can ward off brush, leaves, and off-road stones, as well as provide security from obstacles, wayward animals, and even small road accidents, and illuminate dark trails and country roads when fitted with LED off-road lights.

While Bull Bars are mainly for safety, these sturdy tubes' influence on beauty is not denied. Bull Bars make any truck or SUV look stronger and more durable, and for that intention alone, most are bought. That's why we sell such an immense range of diameters and finishes for tubes. In chrome-plated stainless steel, brushed or polished stainless steel, and powder coated mild steel and aluminum, from 2' and 2.5' diameter tubes suitable for small SUVs to large 4' and 5.5' circular and multi-sided tubes that are right at home on full-size vehicles.

Most of our Bull Bars come with skid plates that not only offer extra protection if you misinterpret a rock off-road or a curb in a parking structure but also a style lift. Any Bull Bars are available in a contrasting finish with skid plates, and all types have individually designed cut-outs with the manufacturer's logo. We also have plenty of Bull Bars without skid plates, as well as Bull Bars with adjustable skid plates, if that's the look you want. If your own is broken or you like one with a specific finish, some brands sell replacement skid plates. And for installing off-road lights or LED light bars, nearly all Bull Bars are pre-drilled or have tabs or recesses, and others are available with an integral LED light bar or LED pod lights.

Find High-Quality Bull Bars and Grille Guards Only at Vivid Racing

From fitment help from our in-house experts to shipping packages, we'll take care of you and your Bull Bars and Grille Guards every step of the way. We know how much of a financial investment you're making in a set of Bull Bars, Grille Guards. and accessories. In return, we'll deliver service and product that is second to none.

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