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Air Intakes | Cold & Short Ram Air Intakes

Aftermarket Cold Air Intakes

Sucking is good. Efficient sucking is better.

All engines require a steady stream of air to run properly. Air is essential to an internal combustion engine. Without air, cars won’t work. It is a good thing that humans need air to live because there is an abundant supply of air. 

The challenge now lies in getting more air into the engine.

Why Should I Install Aftermarket Air Intakes?

Unless you have air intakes designed by Ferrari, with that lovely intake plenum, chances are your stock air intake is a product of bean counters winning against engineers. It sucks air just to make it run but produced with the lowest costs possible without failing. The result is an intake that restricts essential airflow to your engine robbing it of precious horsepower.  

The aftermarket industry is held by no such constraints. Which is why most aftermarket intakes are shiny and, most importantly, directs more air in your engine’s combustion chamber.

More air in the combustion chamber also means you can free up a few ponies and increase fuel efficiency.

Well-engineered intakes use heat shields to isolate the air filter from the rest of the engine bay to draw cooler air from the front, or from the side of the car.

Kinds of Air Intakes

Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake is a system used to, erm, cool the temperature of the air going into a car for the sole purpose of increasing the power. Cold air intakes are also good to look at every time the hood is popped open. There is something about a shiny metal tube and a conical air filter that has us automotive enthusiasts giddy. 

Aside from improving airflow, adding power, and a more attractive aesthetic, cold air intakes also introduce attractive intakes sound. It is like you can hear the car take a deep breath anytime you mash the throttle. 

Cold air intake systems feature as little airflow restriction as possible which results to more horsepower and better power and torque delivery, and improved gas mileage.

Short Ram Intake

Short ram air intakes feature a metal or rotomolded tube, paired with a larger and higher flowing air filter, flow has less restrictions in airflow compared to their stock counterparts. Some even include heat shields to block the hot air in the engine bay.  We want cold air in our engines because cold air is denser.

Unfortunately, many short ram air intakes aren’t as effective as a full cold air intake. The upside is, short ram intakes are the cheaper alternative to improving your engine’s airflow.

Other Variations

Our intake systems a variety of materials from plastic, metal, rubber (silicone) or composite materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar. Due to the limited time air actually remains inside the intake tubing, because of less turbulent airflow, the materials often do not impact a kit's ability to deliver cool air. 

The most efficient intake systems utilize an airbox which shields the filter from the hot air in the engine bay at the same time grabbing more air since air in the box has nowhere to go but inside the engine. Due to the increased airflow and reduced covering, intake noise is usually increased. This effect is usually amplified on applications where a resonator, a part intended to reduce intake noise on some vehicles, is replaced by the intake. Most intakes are very easy and quick to install.

Perhaps replacing your factory intake with a cold air intake is the cheapest way to add horsepower.

Vivid Racing carries intakes that are engineered and tuned to provide the greatest efficiency and power. We carry intakes from leading brands like HKS, Injen, Airaid, K&N, AEM, AFE and Banks Power. 

We also carry turbochargers, superchargers and everything you could possibly need to increase the performance of your vehicle.