The World-Renown Brembo Brand

Emilio Bombassei and Italo Breda founded Officine Meccaniche di Sombreno, which became Brembo, on January 11, 1961. Brembo has since grown to be a world leader in the design, development, and production of braking systems and components for a wide range of vehicles and applications for the OE market, aftermarket, and racing market. Brembo is truly a global supplier of rotors and brake system components. It manufactures over 30 million brake rotors for 31 different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or Original Equipment Suppliers (OES), covering 30 different car companies in 10 countries on four continents, including all U.S. Big Three automakers. No other brake rotor manufacturer commands such a worldwide presence. The Brembo headquarters is in the Kilometro Rosso Innovation District in Italy.

Brembo's Vast Product Lineup

Brembo manufactured its first brake parts in 1964 and soon broadened its lineup to include other brake parts, including Brembo rotors. Brembo offers with its aftermarket rotors the same levels of quality, technology, and performance that has earned it such prestigious OEM fitments as Dodge Viper, Ferrari, Ford Mustang Cobra, and Mercedes-Benz. All Brembo aftermarket rotors are manufactured under QS-9000 and ISO 9001 certifications. Brembo now provides significantly wider coverage with its aftermarket rotors, having added nearly 200 new part numbers in the last year alone. The net result is that the owners of a greater number of both imported and domestic vehicles, ranging from compact cars to luxury SUVs, can stop safely and securely with Brembo.

Why Should You Choose Brembo Brakes?

Brembo brakes were developed from the brand’s extensive racing experience and gives enthusiasts the ability to significantly improve their car’s braking performance. After all, it is important for high-performance cars to stop as easily as they go. A high level of technology combined with the company’s expertise and production control allows Brembo to offer the widest and most reliable lineup of spare parts covering more than 95% of all vehicles on the road. Brembo’s engineers work tirelessly to ensure the exact combination of brake pads, discs, and calipers that will give you the best stopping ability and be fully compatible with your vehicle’s ABS and traction control systems.

Only Brembo can stop a car racing at 300 Km/h (186mph) in under four seconds. Brembo takes pride in delivering the highest safety and comfort levels on the market. By replacing your original braking system with a Brembo system, you can immensely improve your car’s braking performance with a difference that is felt immediately.

Why Upgrade to Big Brakes?

As you probably know, most automotive braking systems (aside from vehicles with regenerative brakes) use the friction of pads squeezed onto a rotor to slow the vehicle down. While this design works just fine, it effectively turns all that rotational energy into heat, and heat has a tendency to break things. Most OEM brake systems are designed to deal with the heat from braking on the street and maybe a tiny bit of track usage, but they can quickly heat up to the point of becoming ineffective.

Big brake kits use larger rotors, calipers, and pads compared to the OEM brakes, which mean the entire system can deal with much greater amounts of heat compared to the OEM brakes. This means you can brake very hard, repeatedly, without running into brake fade. This is incredibly important for track use, heavy towing, and even hard street driving.

With the larger pads and rotors, you can run more aggressive pads which have a high coefficient of friction, without running into heat issues, plus the larger size means the pad will last longer overall. To put it simply, a larger pad doesnít mean more bite, but a larger pad can be more aggressive without running into the same amount of heat and wear issues compared to a smaller pad. So, a big brake kit does not guarantee more brake force if the pads have the same coefficient of friction compared to the stock pads. Luckily, most big brake kits have relatively aggressive pads so that you will see an increase in braking performance from most big brake kits.

Upgrade to Brembo Brakes at Vivid Racing

Brembo offers a comprehensive lineup of brake kits, each of which includes two-piece, lightweight, vented, slotted, or cross-drilled discs and lightweight aluminum, fixed multi-piston calipers, friction pads, braided steel hoses, and the necessary mounting hardware. Vivid Racing is proud to carry a wide range of Brembo products comprised of brake pads, brake drums, big brake kits, rotors, brake fluid, and more! If you have any questions about Brembo brakes or fitment, please do not hesitate to call our parts team at (480) 966-3040.

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