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Car Dolly Snappin Turtle


Snappin Turtle

Model #V4694

Shopper Award

Each Jack has a rigid steel frame with 1500lbs each capacity or 6000lbs vehicle capacity when you use a full set of four jacks. All the lifting action is operated by a foot petal.

  • Easily lift and re position your vehicle without touching the frame
  • Move your vehicle in any direction.
  • Use two jacks to permit a full 180 degree pivot
  • Use 4 jacks to place your car a on a full 360 degree rolling platform.
  • Jacks will handle tires up to 12 inch wide.

Operating Instructions:
1)Place jack on floor and press down on pedal to release pedal lock. Pull out the lock pin from frame
2)Before operating turn the release valve by turning counter clockwise. Expand jack by hand wheel enough to place jack around tire and position so both rollers now contact the tire tread. To obtain the best control of jack while expanding around tire, place your left hand on top of the left side axle and your right hand at the center of the pedal. Close release valve by turning hand wheel clockwise to a snug tight position, The jack can now be used.
3)Install jack so the unit is parallel to the side wall of the tire to be lifted. Leave approximately 3/4 inch of clearance between the tire and jack. This is very important. If the unit is misaligned it is possible that the tire will be forced to hit the axle of the jack and not the rollers, this may damage the jack and void the warranty.
4)To lift tire, lift directional lever up and place foot on pedal depressing with smooth even strokes. Cycle pedal until tire is lifted from the surface 1 inch or less. After lifting the lower the tire is to the ground the more stable the jack will be. After lifting always make sure the lock pin is in place before lifting the other tires.
5)To release jack, pull pin out from frame and open valve by turning hand wheel slowly counterclockwise. Jack may be moved when rollers disengage from tire.

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Who is Snappin Turtle?

Snappin Turtle is a company that was in Carlisle, PA, back in 1983. The company is best known for creating quality tie-down straps and being in the business for more than 30 years, they have consistently redefined and innovated their designs which helped them in becoming the leader in the industry when it comes to tie-down straps.

Safety in Every Product

Snappin Turtle ensures that all their products would guarantee safety to all its customers. Hence, they produce tie-down straps that are rated higher compared to what their competitors are offering. They wanted to make sure that their products would perform better than what is expected.

Snappin Turtle has come a long way since it first started. The company now offers other products with the same top quality they are known for. They offer tools such as car dollies, surface mounts, jacks, and winches. But they never forgot where they started as they continuously improve their straps and offer various sizes at different load ratings.

Purchase Snappin Turtle Products at Vivid Racing

Securing your load on your trailer should be a stress-free experience. You should have that peace of mind that once tied down, it’s not going to go anywhere. If you want to have a product that would give you this, then Snappin Turtle is the brand for you. Proven and tested by various enthusiasts for years, they are a brand that would not let you down. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of their products that would fit your specific requirement.

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