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Carbonetic Twin Carbon Clutch 1100kg Subaru WRX EJ20T 02-06



Model #ACS23210-11

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Carbonetic Twin Carbon Clutch 1100kg Subaru WRX EJ20T 02-06

This dynamic clutch series for high-power tuning (500ps-900ps) and delivers powerful transmission performance. Compared with mutiple metal plate clutches, the Carbonetic Twin Clutch offers smooth, precise operation while driving in the peak of traffic or on slopes. Carbonetic Twin Clutch also reduces impact on engine and transmission components.

*Superb heat resistance to withstand extreme racing requirements

  • ACROSS successfully raised the C/C melting point by over 1,000 degrees centigrade
  • Prevents fusion with surrounding metal parts
  • No distortion of the carbon disk

*An unparalleled level of strength and enduring performance through a unique, random weaving methodology

*Large carbon disk diameter of 230mm
  • Superior friction characteristics and excellent torque transfer
  • Non-slipping even without warm up (within rated horse power,no power shifting)

*Quality engineered and manufactured in Japan
  • All parts manufactured and assembled in the strictest quality control environment
  • Flexibility to manufacture per customer specifications

*Outstanding controllability in even the thickest of traffic congestions
  • Maintains consistent soft pedal feel
  • Highly controllable in half clutch position
  • Smooth operation in traffic or up a slope

*Largest reduction in inertia weight
  • Lightweight - less than 25% of a traditional metal clutch
  • Prevents power loss and allows for quick gear shifting
  • Enhanced synchronization

*Radical cost effectiveness in the long term


Engine: EJ20T 5MT
Type: Twin
Pressure Plate Rate: 1100kg
Fits: Subaru WRX GDA
Nissan clutch bearing (30502-21000), Subaru slave cylinder (30620-AA013), and pull to push conversion kit are included.

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Vehicle Engine Notes
Subaru WRX

About Carbonetic

ACROSS Co. is a world-leading carbon producer, including Carbon-Carbon Composite materials and engineered design solutions for the USA and beyond. In 2001, ACROSS Corporation successfully released a state-of-the-art line of carbon clutches to the automotive marketplace.

Today, these continually evolving carbon clutches and carbon LSDs can be found under the brand name of Carbonetic. They are considered to be standard tuning gear in the automotive market, as they present appreciable benefits to the end-user in terms of performance, controllability, and cost-effectiveness. Following ongoing technological improvements and refinements, Carbonetic offers a distinctive and diversified lineup of carbon composite products to dedicated racing aficionados and car enthusiasts all across the United States.

Why Choose Carbonetic Clutches?

Carbonetic is proud to present its carbon clutch series as a joint development with ACROSS Corporation. ACROSS is globally renowned for being a leading carbon manufacturer, and it boasts the most advanced CC composite technology in the world. The ultra-lightweight and heat-resistant characteristics of the CC composite offer drivers exceptional strength, response, and durability. Carbonetic clutches deliver a very smooth operation that is also very easy on a vehicle’s transmission. From the street to the racetrack, under any and all driving conditions, Carbonetic carbon clutches will enhance your driving experience and heighten the excitement every time you get behind the wheel. You will immediately feel the difference when you install a Carbonetic clutch in your car.

Carbonetic Clutch Offerings

Carbonetic offers single, twin, and triple plate carbon clutches, along with carbon limited-slip differentials (LSDs). Carbonetic’s single-clutch model is designed for use in regular and light-tuned vehicles. They act similarly to an OEM clutch, with only a slightly heavier pedal feel. Drivers will experience excellent performance at half clutch for easier street driving. The CC composite provides dramatic weight reduction and improved synchronization during shifting. The twin plate clutch is ideal for Time Attack cars, drag racing, and heavy-duty track cars. Like the single-clutch, it behaves really well on the road with minimal vibration, if any. It seems a bit heavier than the single plate kit with a slightly more aggressive feel. The triple-plate clutch is designed for high-output-powered vehicles, capable of holding 1100 bhp. It is designed to be incredibly strong and built to repeatedly handle the severest of driving conditions, as this clutch is ideally suited to high-powered race, road, drift, and drag applications.

Carbonetic’s dynamic carbon clutch series is designed for high-powered vehicles ranging from 600 bhp to 1500 bhp. This includes the twin and triple-plate clutches, which deliver powerful performance that is unmatched by the competition. The key benefits include a reduced impact on the engine and transmission components due to our C/C-MC technology. A large reduction in inertia weight also enables quick shifting while minimizing drivetrain losses. The Carbonetic clutch is also the most controllable and cost-effective multi-plate clutch available on the market today. 

Find Carbonetic Clutches at Vivid Racing

If you are in the market to upgrade your vehicle’s clutch, then you have come to the right place. Vivid Racing carries a wide array of Carbonetic clutches for various makes and models. Our inventory of Carbonetic products includes limited-slip differentials, carbon blade clutches, and twin- and triple-plate carbon clutches. If you have any questions about these products, please contact Vivid Racing’s expert parts team at (480) 966-3040.

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