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For combustion to take place in an engine, atomized fuel must mix with air in the optimal ratio for operating conditions and demand. On just about all road-going vehicles produced today, computer-controlled fuel injectors spray fuel into the intake air stream, but for most of automotive history, carburetors blended fuel and air for combustion. Fuel injection began supplanting carburetors in the 1970s so cars and trucks could meet stricter emissions standards.

While electronic fuel injection provides better fuel economy with lower emissions than a carburetor when it comes to making the power it has no clear-cut advantage, as evidenced by the massive horsepower developed by carbureted racing engines. If you’ve modified your engine and want to upgrade your fuel system, there’s no need to deal with the expense and complication of switching to EFI – we can supply you with larger or more performance-oriented carburetors, or the parts needed to tune your present mixer.

Four barrel carburetors generally operate only on the front two barrels for an idle, cruise, and low-speed operation. The other two barrels, commonly known as the secondaries, open either mechanically or via vacuum diaphragm when additional air and fuel, and more power are needed. The carburetor is mounted on an intake manifold, where the air/fuel mixture vaporizes and is distributed to each cylinder. Whatever your carburetor repair needs, we can help, with new and remanufactured carburetors for select applications as well as a large selection of rebuild kits and replacement parts like accelerator pumps, float assemblies, choke pull-offs, and more.

But if all you want to do is make the carb you have and your engine perform at their best, we have the tuning parts to make it happen. We have metering blocks, power valves, jets, metering rods and hangers, accelerator pumps, cams, and nozzles, and vacuum secondary diaphragms and springs, available as individual parts and incomplete tuning kits, for all popular performance carburetors. With these parts and some time spent tuning, you can get optimal acceleration and a smooth transition between carburetor circuits as the throttle is opened, and obtain the right mixture to deliver maximum horsepower at wide-open throttle.

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