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Cusco Rear Pillow Lateral Links - Rear Bar Subaru Impreza 93-01

$734.00 Sale:$645.92


Model #660 474 LB

CUSCOs pillow ball joint lateral links are designed to secure traction in drifting and stability during acceration under high speed cornering.

Most effective when fitted with racing tires or bigger than production size tires that put greater stress on suspension components.
CUSCO has a brilliant record and history in the top categories of track racing, rallying, dirt trials and gymkhana. By staying continuously in touch with each cars potential and character, they can create settings for almost any car. From this experience in motorsports, they developed confidence in their CUSCO brand for street use. The CARROSSER competition products are developed one by one from their broad and long experience in competing in motorsports, and based on their extensive data and know-how. CUSCO responds to those who appreciate such matters, like driving a car or controlling its performance.

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