OEM Flywheels

What makes OEM Flywheels the Best

OEM Flywheels are made from high-quality steel forging and are designed to exceed the manufacturer?s specifications for quality and performance. These flywheels are designed to reduce clutch chatter and vibration and they are dynamically balanced

The OEM flywheels utilizes stock dimensions so you don?t have to worry about fitment, they are perfect for road racers looking for quicker revs and are also a nice complement for turbocharged cars experiencing lag.

Outstanding Technology

These OEM Flywheels are installed on the engine side of the transmission and acts as a friction surface for the clutch disc opposite the clutch cover. Some are made from hardened steel which offers the ability to be resurfaced, others are made from aluminum, which is lighter than steel and that means reduced mass which equals increased acceleration.

Regardless of the material used to make it, OEM flywheel works particularly well with turbo-charged engines because it reduces typical turbo lag, it also increases supercharger efficiency due to less parasitic drag on the crank and it offers improved mid-range torque in a normally aspirated engine due to not having to overcome the heavyweight of a stock flywheel

Whether you need performance, quality, ease of replacement, durability or reliability, these OEM Flywheels are guaranteed to deliver.

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