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Endless EWIG MX-72 Rear Brake Pads Porsche Cayman S 3.4L 2007



Model #EIP 073 MX72

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Endless EWIG MX-72 Rear Brake Pads Porsche Cayman S 3.4L 2007

Endless develops high performance brake solutions for the most demanding competition usage from WRC rally teams, British Touring cars, Australian V8 Touring cars and much more, for short sprint races to extreme endurance races. In addition to the range of competition brake pads, Endless has also developed a range of high performance street pads which will also let you tackle track work with ease.

The MX72 is a ceramic-carbon-metallic compound, which is developed for fast road cars to be used at high speed driving with repeated braking and acceleration. It is suited for use in a power brake system with or without ABS. The MX72 is a high heat resistance compound which can also be used for circuit racing, like a sports car club race day. There is no need to change pads for such an event. The initial bite and response is excellent even at high speed like 250 300km/h and also the pedal feel and brake balance.

The MX72 is also developed to go together with mass produced standard rotors with a lower steel quality and still not wear the rotors down or cause problems with heat cracks even at high temperatures.

The wear of the pad is also exceptionally low, which makes for a good economical aspect. It has, just like the race compounds, a high degree of anti water fade even if cross drilled or grooved rotors are not used. The MX72 is also developed to be used in cold weather conditions. The pad response is still good in these instances.

Depending on caliper construction, rotor materials etc, it can sometimes happen that noise can appear at low temperatures and low speeds, but this is normally not a big problem to sort out.

Technical Data:

  • Heat range 50 - 600 degree C
  • Friction value 0.37 - 0.47

  • Ideal for Drifting, Competition, Street and Circuit

    Proposition 65

    /!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


    Vehicle Engine Notes
    Porsche 987 Cayman

    About Endless

    Since 1987, Endless has been producing high-performance brake solutions for the most demanding competition use. The company’s initial mission over 25 years ago was to improve brake pad compounds for race cars. Over the years, Endless’ product lineup expanded to include calipers, rotors, brake fluid, and eventually complete braking systems. As the brand continued to grow, it achieved a remarkable reputation for performance in the motorsport world. Endless’ extensive race experience and top-grade products place the company in a class of its own.

    As a result of its consistent quality and proven performance, Endless has supplied brake components for some of the top racing series worldwide. This includes the World Rally Championship, Super GT, WTCC, the British Touring Car Championship, the Japanese F3000 series, 24-Hour endurance races, and more! What’s more, Endless has supplied its products to the pinnacle of motorsports itself, Formula 1. With a track record like that, no pun intended, it’s easy to see why Endless products are trusted all around the globe.

    Why Buy Endless Brake Products?

    Endless products are characterized by top-rated quality and their great success in high-performance racing and rallying. Endless is world-renowned for its advanced race experience and brake technologies, which are embraced in all areas of motorsport, competition, and advanced street applications. The reason Endless focuses on motorsports is that the brand believes that “cars which cannot be used in motorsports should also not be used as an ordinary road car.” 

    In addition to Endless’s extensive inventory of brake pad compounds, the brand is constantly developing new compounds to suit specific customer requirements. Endless’s high level of quality and excellent attention to detail have garnered the company a reputation of being the definitive racing brake solution.   

    All Endless products are designed in-house and developed domestically in Japan using only the highest quality products through careful selection. Endless conducts strength analysis tests via computers and brake pad tests on dynamometers. Spot quality tests include testing on the dyno and with actual drivers to guarantee the ultimate performance and quality. 

    Purchase Endless Parts at Vivid Racing

    When it comes to safety and performance, brakes are arguably the single most important system on your vehicle. A good braking system can save your life on the road and help you win at the track. If you are looking to upgrade your car’s braking system, look no further than Endless – one of the leading manufacturers in the world for performance brake components. Educated in the world of racing itself, Endless knows just how much abuse your brakes take and have engineered brake parts that can stand up to the rigorous elements encountered on the street and track. 

    Buy Endless parts with confidence at Vivid Racing. We carry a wide selection of brake pads and brake fluid, as well as some apparel. Our library of Endless brake products covers a variety of different makes and models. If you cannot find the specific part needed for your individual vehicle or application, please call Vivid Racing’s specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040.

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