Feal Suspension 441 Coilover Kit BMW X5 E53 1999-2006

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Feal Suspension 441 Coilover Kit BMW X5 E53 1999-2006
The Feal Suspension 441 Coilover Kit for the BMW X5 E53 1999-2006 has about 20% more suspension stroke than most coilover kits on the market. That means that the 441+ provides more suspension travel for comfort on terrain that your significant other may not appreciate.

These kits are valved slightly differently than our default 441 kits to accommodate lower spring rates. Even though the spring rates are lower than our default 441 kit,they are still higher then OEM spring rates and will result in a firmer and more controlled ride then factory suspension.

We have selected spring rates that will work perfect with each car model yielding the maximum ride comfort and performance.

Each shock is designed with expertise from our success in many top-level international motorsports and through years of experience tuning various shock brands. We at Feal Suspension strongly believe that our coilovers have an edge on shock design that gives you confidence and a competitive advantage where needed most.

Product Features:
  • 441: 8k/14k
  • 441+: 8k/16k
  • 441 - Damping adjustability that adjusts Rebound and Compression in one knob. Very easy to tune vehicle firmness, dive, and roll.
  • 442 - Separate damping adjustability for Rebound and Compression. Rebound adjustability does not change compression force so that you can fine tune the roll and rate of weight transfer. The huge range of compression adjustability is independent of rebound force. The compression adjustability will allow you to adjust for more or less traction and more or less suspension movement on the compression stroke.
  • 443 - All of the above plus separate damping adjustability for High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression, and Rebound. Low speed compression damping adjustability allows you to fine tune chassis movement on the compression stroke over round bumps and/or throttle and braking inputs. High speed compression adjustability allows you to fine tune bottoming resistance and wheel movement on the compression stroke over rumble strips and square edge bumps.
"Product Details:
  • Front Spring Rate: 12k
  • Rear Spring Rate: 19k
  • Camber Plate: Front
  • BMW X5 E53 1999-2006
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Feal Suspension is a US-based automotive firm that produces aftermarket suspensions for automobiles. The company firmly considers the production of worthy products as more important aside from generating revenues. The company manufactures suspensions for multiple auto sports brands that allow folks to completely customize their vehicles according to their preferences. The company provides suspensions for drag racing, off-road racing, rally racing, and drift racing. Years of experience have been put into making these suspensions thus they provide a great experience to their customers.


The company is located mainly in California, United States of America. Aurimas Odi Bakchis is the CEO of Feal Suspension, Inc. he is a racing driver who is currently competing in the Formula Drift Pro Championship. The firm deals in high-quality coilover suspensions. The coilover suspensions is mostly used in sporting cars to enhance car handling and allow car lowering for sports purposes. These suspensions are made by wrapping a coil over the shock suspensions which can help to lower the effect of external road shocks on the cars. Thus, these specialized setups boost your riding experience.


Vivid racing deals with a variety of Feal Suspension products. These products are available on their website at very market-competitive prices. Products available include one-way feal suspensions in model numbers 441 and 441+. Adjustments to these shocks suspensions are also possible according to your car specifications like engine weights, car usage, and others. You can also get custom pricings according to your demand. All the products are dyno tested by Feal Suspension Inc. and then introduced into the market. For further queries about various car models and product descriptions feel free to visit our website and go through the product?s description section. To place your orders visit the Vivid Racing website.

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