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High Performance Fuel Pump and Fuel Pump Upgrades

High-performance fuel pumps are a must for the performance vehicle. Without a quality fuel pump, your engine will not perform as it should. Low fuel pressure can wreak havoc on a high-performance engine. When you hit the gas you want to go without any hesitation. Our performance fuel pumps and racing fuel pumps can get you the response you are looking for from your engine. Buy one of our high-performance fuel pumps and you will see a dramatic improvement in your car's performance.

The fuel pump is the fuel distribution mechanism that begins its process. This component is responsible for the pressure gas supply to the car engine fuel injectors. The fuel pump unit is usually within the fuel tank and can be placed beside the engine for existing car models. A plastic canister contains typical fuel pumps. The fuel pump system is fitted with a fuel-level indicator, which interacts with your dashboard gas monitor and empty level lights. The fuel pump is accessible via a service port and the gas tank can be removed.

How Does a Fuel Pump Work?

A car fuel pump is a fuel delivery system from the gas tank of a vehicle to the motor. It's a part of the fuel supply chain that siphons, filters, and pressures the fuel to be combusted. The method depends on the type of fuel pump mounted in your vehicle.

Mechanical Fuel Pumps

In older motors with carburetors, mechanical fuel pumps are used (although some of them can bring an electric low-pressure fuel pump into or near the petrol tank). When the engine is cranking or working, the pump drains fuel out of the gas tank and drives it into a carburetor.

Electric Fuel Pump

A fuel pump for fuel injection motors is used for injecting fuel from a gas tank to injectors. In order to spray fuel into the engine, the pump needs to supply the fuel to an increased pressure - typically between 30 and 85 psi depending on the application. For the motor to operate properly, the fuel pressure must be under the engine requirements. The engine will fail of too little fuel pressure, causing the engine to run sluggish, incorrect, or stall. Too much friction of fuel can lead to rough fuel running and emissions.

How to Know If Your Fuel Pump is Getting Bad?

Any indicators could mean that the fuel pump went incorrect, but when the engine crashes and does not restart, it could be the engine's biggest problem. If the gas tank is already complete, the vehicle is as though it does not have petrol. Other indications include power loss when pulling away from a stop, power loss while the motor is running under heavy load, and a defective motor.

Advantages of Buying Fuel Pump from Vivid Racing

Maintain Good Fuel Pressure and Volume for Your Engine

The engine of your car must work effectively with the proper mix between air and gasoline. The light of the control engine will turn on when the fuel pump deteriorates. This occurs when the fuel pump no longer provides the engine with adequate petrol. Replacing it with Vivid Racing's fuel pump would ensure the car keeps the proper air/gas ratio for the motor.

You Can Enjoy a Smooth and Fun Journey

Noise may be a symptom of a broken fuel pump from the backside of the car. It's safe to have a technician from Vivid Racing checked out if you hear any spinning or whirling noises from your fuel tank. A new replacement fuel pump from here at our virtual store could just be required for a relaxed and peaceful trip.

You Can Avoid Unexpected Stalling

Do you find it difficult to start your car? Stalling signs may be obstructed or disabled by the fuel pump of your vehicle. A defective fuel pump is a frequent cause of sudden car stall and hard start and restart. It could be a nice feeling when you change this defective fuel pump before going on your journey with your family.

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Vivid Racing carries Performance Fuel Pumps for most performance cars and trucks. We carry:

  • Universal Fuel Pumps
  • Nissan 350z (Walbro 255 Fuel Pump)
  • Acura (Walbro Fuel Pumps)
  • Nissan GT-R (Tomei Fuel Pump)
  • Audi TT (APR Tuned Fuel Pumps)
  • Volkswagen (APR Tuned Fuel Pumps)
  • Honda Civic (Walbro Fuel Pumps)

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Vivid Racing carries Performance Fuel Pumps from all the top manufacturers in the automotive industry. Our manufacturers include Aeromotive, AMS, APR Tuned, HKS, Porsche OEM Fuel Pumps, Tomei, and Walbro.

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