Why Install GramLights 57Xtreme Wheels?

The 57Xtreme is among the most concave designs in the GramLights line of performance wheels. The 57Xtreme boasts an iconic split 6-spoke styling engineered to improve both the looks and performance of your ride. There’s also an available SP Spec version that features innovative side-cuts for extra weight savings without compromising wheel durability. It also comes with an aluminum rigidity ring for further weight savings without sacrificing hub structural strength.

GramLights 57Xtreme wheels are available in custom sizes, bolt patterns, and offsets. On top of that, you can choose from an extensive array of profound finishes, such as unique Velvet colors alongside signature suede textures.


  • Modify your car’s looks and performance with highly customizable wheels
  • Sleek and stylish split 6-spoke profile and intense concave fascia
  • Offered in Standard 57Xtreme, 57Xtreme SP Spec, and 57Xtreme Velvet versions
  • Standard 57Xtreme wheels are cast single-piece aluminum for durability and weight savings
  • 57Xtreme SP Spec wheels provide even more weight savings and durability thanks to side-cut machining, and an innovative spoke bridge design and aluminum rigidity ring
  • 57Xtreme Velvet wheels boast cutting-edge Velvet colors with signature suede textures that create a new look for every angle
  • Features a wide range of sizes, bolt patterns, and offsets suitable to numerous different vehicles

Fine-tune your ride’s looks and performance with GramLights 57xtreme wheels and other wheel accessories here at Vivid Racing. Our catalog GramLights wheels includes 57Xtreme, 57CR, 57DR, 57Transcend, 57ANA, and more!