Heatshield Products 2-1/2 in Exh. Pipe x 1 ft Long Armor Pipe Kit

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Heatshield Products 2-1/2 in Exh. Pipe x 1 ft Long Armor Pipe Kit
An exhaust pipe heat shield will reduce up to 70% of heat radiating from your pipe. This reduces the heat entering into your vehicle's interior and surrounding components, while also increasing power and efficiency of the exhaust system. Heatshield Armor Pipe Kits can also be painted to color match the vehicle, engine, or engine bay. Any high-temperature engine paint or exhaust paint will work.

We have premade our popular exhaust heat shield insulation into these pre-made kits. They install in a fraction of the time with no itch and no fuss. Simply bend around the exhaust pipes and fasten down with included HP Tie Wire. We take all the calculation and guess work, the warranty friendly breather gap is built in. After the kit is installed, the exhaust pipe can still "breathe" and not exceed its maximum rated temperature.

Our BioCool insulation can withstand 1800-F continuous heat and 2200-F of intermittent heat. This exhaust pipe shield insulation is also highly water resistant and has excellent durability for both on and off-road hazards. Heatshield Armor material can be trimmed easily for a custom fit for other lengths of exhaust pipe. Removal of the exhaust pipe is usually not required for installation.Heatshield Armor Pipe Kits also have a huge advantage of those "standoff" exhaust heat shields. The gap between the pipe heat shield and the pipe allow heat to escape and radiate upward. But, directly insulating the exhaust pipe itself allows the heat shield to retain more heat in the system and give you better control of where the heat should go. High temperature levels inside an exhaust system can increase exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and exhaust gas velocity (EGV). Using Heatshield Armor Pipe Kit can result in higher EGV, pulling more spent exhaust gasses out of the engine's cylinders before the exhaust valve closes, which can help produce more engine power.

  • An exhaust pipe heat shield prevents heat from radiating to the interior of a vehicle and protect near by components from excessive heat.
  • Easy install - no more coiling wrap around pipes
  • Warranty friendly - allows pipes to breathe
  • Water resistant and rugged
  • Trims easily to a custom length
  • Paintable - use any engine or exhaust paint of your choice
  • OEM and custom manufacturing available
  • Made in USA

Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Who Is Heatshield Products?

Heatshield Products is a family-owned company based in Southern California and was founded in 1985 by Mel and Bruce Heye. They are known for producing high-quality solutions to extreme heat issues in different industries. They offer products for industries such as the marine, industrial and automotive sector. Today, Heatshield Products is the leading source of heat protection around the globe.

Keeping Things Cool

Heatshield offers a solution that would help your vehicle become more efficient by improving fuel mileage and lower emission. It also improves its performance by adding power to the vehicle and making things last longer. It improves fuel mileage and lower vehicle emission while giving more power to the vehicle. They have heat management solutions for all types of platforms may it be a car, motorcycle and even boats. 

 Heat Insulation Experts

The company has been in the business for more than 35 years and has consistently given its customers the best thermal solution in the market. They have insulations designed for your vehicle’s exhaust, intake system and oil cooling system. Even up to this day, the company is pushing itself to expand their product offering and continue delivering innovative products to their customers.

Purchase Heatshield Products At Vivid Racing

If you want to improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, keep things cool and equip your vehicle with Heatshield Products. They are a brand trusted by not just the automotive sector but even other major industrial companies around the world. To know more about Heatshield Products, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of offerings that fit your specific needs.

Heatshield Products, Inc.’s merchandise are warranted for 90 days from date of purchase. If during this time period these products fail prematurely due to a manufacturing defect they will be replaced without charge upon their return to Heatshield Products, Inc. accompanied with a legible copy of an original proof of purchase and complete description of the problem. Customer is responsible for any freight charges on alleged defective products to Heatshield Products, Inc.; approved warranty replacement products will in turn be shipped without freight charge to customer.

Heatshield Products, Inc. is not responsible for any miss application and or misuse of products. This warranty is null and void if the products have been misused, misapplied or are not a correct application in accordance to the products advertised thermal parameters or if they have been damaged from malfunctioning other components of the vehicle or other damage caused by external factors.


The foregoing states Heatshield Products, Inc.’s’ entire and exclusive liability for any claim, including claims arising out of a breach of any implied warranties, in connection with the sale of the thermal insulation materials hereunder, and shall in no event be liable for any special or consequential damages what so ever.

Heatshield Products, Inc. shall not be liable for any and all consequential damages occasioned by the breach of any written or implied warranty pertaining to this sale in excess of the purchase price of the product sold.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Legible copy of original proof of purchase must accompany any claim against limited warranty.

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