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Who is KD Fabworks?

KD Fabworks is an aftermarket company specializing in creating offroad accessories for Jeeps and pickup trucks made by GM, Ford, Chevy, Toyota, and Ram. They have various parts and accessories ranging from Jeep armors, LED lights, light brackets, Bumpers, and more. 

Made in the USA

The company manufactures its product inhouse, helping maintain its quality, and keeps cost at a minimum. They use state of the art technology and utilizes CNC cutting machines to perfectly cut all the components. This results in a consistent top quality product that exceeds customer expectations.

DOT and SAE Compliant

KD Fabworks ensures that their products are not only functional but is safe to use as well. It meets the strict standards set by the Department of Transportation and Society of Automotive Engineers. The parts are subjected to multiple tests that check its integrity, functionality, and safety of use for public roads.

Ease of Installation

All of KD Fabworks' products are designed to fit seamlessly in the original OE location. The kits come with all the necessary hardware needed with detailed instructions of the procedure, giving the end-user a hassle-free experience when installing the product.

Purchase KD Fabworks Product at Vivid Racing

If you are in search of offroad accessories for your offroad vehicle, then check out KD Fabworks. They have a full list of offroading accessories that are tried and tested to look good and withstand the harsh condition of offroading. Visit Vivid Racing and check the parts that would fit your specific need.