Why Install Flush Mount LED Lights?

Flush Mount LED lights can often be seen in rally cars, off-road vehicles, and UTVs. Some of these lights even come with optimized beam patterns project up to 8,600 raw lumens and are protected by an aluminum housing and features a blacked-out circuit board. 

Incandescent bulbs did not develop much in the long time they existed for more than 100 years. Conversely, the progress of LED technology is very rapid – leaving no doubt that LEDs belong to the future of automotive lighting. With LEDs, the future of lighting is, well, brighter. 

Light emitting diode is also called a luminescence diode or, in short, an LED. LED stands for "light emitting diode," as it converts electrical energy into light. Physically, it is a cold light source and an electronic semiconductor component of optoelectronics. Its conductivity lies between conductors (e.g. metals, water, graphite) and non-conducting materials (e.g. non-metals, glass, wood). 

LEDs are available in the widest range of sizes, designs and colors, depending on the requirements. The classic variant (standard LED) has a cylindrical shape and is closed by the hemisphere at the point where the light is emitted. 

Essentially, the LED consists of several layers of semiconductor compounds. Semiconductors, such as silicon, are materials whose electrical conductivity lies between conductors such as silver and copper metals and non-conductive materials such as PTFE or quartz glass. The conductivity of semiconductors can be strongly influenced by the specific introduction of electrically effective external substances (by means of a process known as doping). The different semiconductor layers together make up the LED chip. The type of structure of these layers (various semiconductors) has a significant effect on the luminous output (efficiency) and the light color of the LED.

Advantages of LED lights in Flush Mount Lightings

  • They are very resistant to vibrations
  • They can often last for the life of the vehicle
  • They can be baked into moisture proof casings that withstand all kinds of harsh environments
  • They light up much quicker than incandescent bulbs
  • They are extremely compact
  • They can be made to emit different colors
  • They run cool
  • They provide more light per supplied watt than incandescent bulbs

Individual LEDs also emit light at a very narrow angle. Thus, to ensure that the LED light radiates evenly in all directions as the normal bulb would be, those individual LEDs are strategically placed around the shaft to create full radiance. This is the reason why most flush-mount LEDs have multiple rows of light, like those from Rigid Industries.

Because LEDs use a fraction of the electricity regular bulbs do and last up to 25 times as long, LED bulbs are a great upgrade anywhere on your vehicle. The brightness and color of LEDs also makes them a natural fit for fog lights and flush mount lights. This increases your safety by allowing you to see further, and by making it easier for other drivers to see you as well.

Treacherous driving conditions, such as fog, rain, rocks, other animals, and other elements you might come across with, are made much easier by using flush mount LED lights as fog lights, because their lower vantage point allows light to travel further through the fog, which is typically above the surface of the road. Headlights mounted higher up and pointed straight ahead actually make it harder to see in fog or heavy snow because they reflect back directly into your eyes. The fog lights are not. Being angled to the side allows the fog lights to sweep both sides of the road where the woodland animals lurk in the darkness until the last second.

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