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Neuspeed RSe102 Wheels for your Need of Speed

Incorporating the lightweight wheel of the Neuspeed RSe102, a new version of the iconic and exclusive fully forged RS10. The RSe102 bears the very same 10-spoke array, but its style is modernized by its full-face profile and bevel lip. Each RSe102 is explicitly defined for the specified vehicle, which corresponds to full straightforward bolt-on fitment using factory lug bolts, center caps, as well as tire pressure monitoring sensors-no spacers or adapters! The RSe102 is generated using a Flow Forming system, the same as Neuspeed's other wheels. It is a hybrid procedure between engineering for low-pressure casting and forging. This method yields just a proportion of the price of an ultra-lightweight wheel similar to complete forged wheels.

The launch of the all-new lightweight RSe102 flow-formed wheels. The Neuspeed RSe102 has a simple and clear spoke design, as you would expect from the Neuspeed manufacturer but also brings enough information across the lug hole region to distinguish itself from other 10-spokes on the market. For the allocated car, each RSe102 is explicitly defined, which corresponds to maximum direct bolt-on fitment using factory lug bolts, center caps, as well as tire pressure monitoring sensors.


  • Wheel Size: 19”, 20”
  • Finish: Hyper Black | Satin Black | Satin Bronze | Satin Gun Metallic | White
  • Configuration: 5x108 | 5x112
  • Offset (mm): 25~45
  • Neuspeed utilizes the latest in computer-aided engineering and testing when it comes to the creation of all of Neuspeed wheels
  • Neuspeed RSe102 wheels are OEM TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) compatible
  • Factory Lug Nut Compatible
  • Factory Wheel Lock Key Compatible
  • Factory TPMS Compatible
  • Factory Center Cap Compatible
  • Hub Centric Bore Diameter - no hub rings

Like factory wheels, but wider and smaller, the Neuspeed RS wheels are designed for particular vehicle types. Every Neuspeed RSe102 Wheel is designed and built specifically to be "Big Brake Kit Compliant." The use of adapters, spacers, shims, or any other protection impairing equipment would not be needed for the configuration of most big brake kits. If you have broad brakes in the factory or aftermarket, Neuspeed RSe102 wheels are the perfect rims for your taste.

This style is one of the company's lightest ones to present. It has proven to be the most common wheel style, with its innovative shape and lightweight features. Neuspeed RSe102 wheels are broader in width and track, designed for handling enhancement as well as aesthetics, albeit spec-ed like OE. Neuspeed RSe102 wheels are not 'universal' fitments, unlike other wheel makers.

Kudos to the fair distance between the device and the wheel, a proprietary device that no one has been able to replicate, the smart system never reaches the wheel during any operating process. This method, thanks to the coordinated movement between both the tool and the wheel, cancels all friction on the tire during the installation process. This maintains a technical edge that over time has stayed unparalleled.

About Neuspeed

Neuspeed has been one of the first to deliver flow form wheels with all of our design features and in-house manufacturing since 2004. Automotive Performance Systems, Inc. began 42 years ago to deliver the finest production components of the highest standard and have the most committed customer support. The Neumann family is still working extremely hard today to fit your requirements and surpass your productivity identifying expectations. Its total dedication and cultural heritage live on. The business foundation is based on integrity, honesty, and the best customer service in the industry, and even to this day. To lower costs, the Neuspeed product line won't ruin the quality. All its parts are constructed, constructed, and produced with a particularly unique pride that is no longer seen. The company continues to pay close attention to every detail and are dedicated to specializing and creating the best possible product lines.

Advantage of Neuspeed RSe102 as a Spoke Wheel

The spokes on your Neuspeed RSe102 Wheels have the very important job of connecting the wheel's rim - outer diameter - to the plate at the center section of the wheel where the bolt holes and lugs connecting the wheel to the vehicle are kept. The spokes play a major part in deciding a wheel's total weight and strength. When designing and constructing a car, through Vivid Racing, Neuspeed RSe102 wheels will ensure that the spokes on the wheels they are using provide adequate capacity when considering things like the weight of the car, the performance, and the size of the tires that will be used.

Lightweight Wheels

For nearly all types of vehicles, there is a wide variety of lightweight metal wheels on the market. The Neuspeed RSe102 wheels are one clear example of lightweight wheels. Consider your wheels lighter, and make the suspension even smoother. Each bump can be more readily and efficiently managed. It helps keep the Neuspeed RSe102 wheels and tires in contact with the asphalt for longer and is excellent news for vehicle stability and braking. Lightweight wheels are also easier to mount when replacing factory wheels. If you like a particular aftermarket wheel, then at least try to fit the weight of the stock wheel. If necessary it's easier to go lighter than stock.

Why Switch to Vivid Racing as your Aftermarket Wheel Provider?

Regardless of types or lengths, the one thing that you can count on is the best shopping experience for Neuspeed RSe102 and the best ordering involvement. We take care of you and your order every step of the way from fitment support, from our internal wheel experts to shipping packages. Also, we will offer service and quality that is not the second to none of the investments made by you on wheels and tires.

From fitment help from our in-house wheel experts to shipping packages, we'll take care of you and your order every step of the way. We know how much of a financial investment you're making in a set of Neuspeed RSe102 and tires, and in return, we'll deliver service and product that is second to none.

At Vivid Racing, we simply love cars. Cars are our vice in life. We love the automotive community and love our customers who think like us.

Finding a perfect wheel fitment is not an easy job. We fully understand it and we are here to help you find the best configuration of Neuspeed RSe102 wheels and tires for your car.

Vivid Racing makes sure the spoke wheels, wire wheels, or off-road wheels are amazingly light while also supplying the vehicle with a decent amount of protection. These wheels are distinguished by the extra time they take to clean, because of the spokes you need to clean between them.

Vivid Racing ensures that we meet the customer’s expectations in terms of quality, size, and strength.

The company always provides quality wheels that are used for applications where you need speed and good looks, such as for racing vehicles. We are also relatively resistant to corrosion.

While installing the Neuspeed RSe102 wheel doesn’t improve your car’s power by even just a single horsepower, it does provide an unmistakable racing feel to your driving experience. If you're hunting for Neuspeed RSe102 Wheels or something else, Vivid Racing is the place to go! Our wide selection of wheels includes famous brands such as Hamann, Volk Racing, Enkei, and much more!

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