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Nitro Gear & Axle Bearing Puller W/ Large/Small Clamshells


Nitro Gear & Axle

Model #TLSP49

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We at Nitro Gear and Axle realize the difficulty for the average consumer or install shop to complete a differential install without having the proper tools. To make it easier for everyone the experts at Nitro have made a line of differential specific tools available for purchase and are always willing to answer a tech question. This tool is mandatory if you work on differentials regularly as it allows you to remove the bearings without damaging the bearings. This saves you money by you reusing the Side bearings instead of destroying with some 2 or 3 jaw bearing puller. This tool works in conjunction with your 1/2 Inch impact gun and it is mandatory that the bearing race is used when pulling the bearings! Replacement parts are available if you wear items out over time also!


  • Nitro Bearing Puller With Large and Small Clamshells
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Sold As A Kit
Kit Includes:
  • Handy carrying stand/Tool Holder
  • Main Tool Body with Forcing Screw
  • Steel Plug which sits on carrier journal
  • Small/Medium/Large Clamshells
  • Retaining Ring to hold Clamshells together
  • 1955-1964 GM 55P 8.2 Inch Dropout
  • 55-62 GM 55T 1/2 Ton Truck Dropout
  • 57-64 Pontiac/Olds 9.3 Inch Dropout
  • GM 12P 12 Bolt Passenger Car
  • GM 12T 12 Bolt Truck
  • GM 8.2 Inch 10 Bolt
  • GM 8.5 Inch/8.6 Inch 10 Bolt
  • GM 7.5 Inch/7.625 Inch 10 Bolt
  • GM 7.2 Inch 10 Bolt
  • GM 8.0 Inch 10 Bolt
  • GM 9.5 Inch S/F 14 Bolt
  • GM 10.5 Inch F/F 14 Bolt
  • GM 11.5 Inch F/F 14 Bolt
  • Ford 7.5 Inch 10 Bolt
  • Ford 8.8 Inch 10 Bolt
  • Ford 9.75 Inch 12 Bolt
  • Ford Sterling 10.25 Inch/10.5 Inch 12 Bolt
  • Ford 8 Inch Dropout
  • Ford 9 Inch Dropout
  • Chrysler 7.25 Inch 9 Bolt and 10 Bolt
  • Chrysler 8.25 Inch/8.375 Inch 10 Bolt
  • Chrysler 8.75 Inch 741/741/489 Dropout
  • Chrysler 9.25 Inch 12 Bolt
  • Dodge/AAM 9.25 Inch 14 Bolt
  • Dodge/AAM 10.5 Inch F/F 14 Bolt
  • Dodge/AAM 11.5 Inch F/F 14 Bolt
  • Dana 25
  • Dana 27
  • Dana 28
  • Dana 30
  • Dana 35
  • Dana 44
  • Dana 44HD/44A
  • Dana 50Dana 60/61
  • Dana 70/70U/70HD
  • Dana 80
  • Toyota 7.5 Inch Standard and Reverse
  • Toyota 8 Inch Standard and Reverse
  • Toyota 8 Inch Clamshell
  • Toyota 8.2 Inch Dropout (2010-Up)
  • Toyota 8.4 Inch (Tacoma/T100/Tundra/Sequoia)
  • Toyota 9.5 Inch Landcruiser Dropout
  • Toyota 9 Inch Clamshell (2007-Up Tundra Front)
  • Toyota 10.5 Inch Dropout (2007-Up Tundra 5.7L)
  • Nissan H233B
  • Suzuki Samurai 10 Bolt
  • Suzuki Sidekick/Geo Tracker
  • Suzuki Jimny 8 Bolt
  • Suzuki SJ410

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Nitro Gear

Gears and axles are two of the most overlooked components in any car. Low-quality gears and axles can lead to poor performance and lower fuel economy, so it is important to give your car the upgrade it needs with Nitro Gear and Axle products. Vivid Racing carries a variety of Nitro Gear products, allowing you to optimize your car's performance and efficiency.

What Is Nitro Gear?

Founded in 2006, Nitro Gear specializes in creating unique and superior applications for the axle and differential industry, crafting custom products to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. Nitro Gear parts are always on the cutting edge of the industry, using the latest and greatest technology to improve driving performance.

What Separates Nitro Gear From the Competition?

While Nitro Gear and Axle has only been in business for around 15 years, they have quickly shot past the competition to earn a reputation as the very best gear and axle manufacturer currently on the market. Below, learn more about what separates Nitro Gear parts from the competition.

Better Materials, Machining, and Processes

Nitro Gear products have earned a place in the top tier of the industry because they never settle for subpar materials. All Nitro Gear parts use only high-quality materials, the best available machining, and superior lapping and heat-treating processes.

Multi-Point Inspection Process to Ensure Long-Lasting Products

With any product, you need a thorough inspection process to make sure no bad apples slip through the cracks. Nitro Gear has a multi-point inspection process to make sure all of our products are durable and ready for any challenge. We want Nitro Gear products to last, and that is why we offer a warranty to cover any manufacturer defects.

Easy Setup

You do not have to be an engineering expert to set up our products. We strive to make simple and straightforward products, allowing for easy setup and installation.

Nitro Gear and Axle Products From Vivid Racing

If you are looking for gear or axle products, Nitro Gear has everything you need. Vivid Racing has partnered with Nitro Gear to offer customers all of the best Nitro Gear products at an affordable price. If you are interested in upgrading your gear and axle, contact Vivid Racing today by calling (480) 966-3040.

All Nitro Gear & Axle brand products are warrantied to be free of manufacturer defects for the specified period. Warranty requests must be made by the original purchaser and submitted by the dealer purchased from. Any parts sent for warranty consideration must be pre-approved and shipped prepaid freight to our facility with copy of RGA for our inspection & determination. We will not pay for labor, shipping cost, loss of revenue or perishable goods, commercial losses, costs of telephone calls, shipping or general inconvenience. This is our only warranty expressed or implied. Unauthorized warranty returns may be refused. Warranty generally covers MFG defects in material or workmanship. Abuse, overloading, improper lubrication, misuse, commercial or competition use voids warranty. Normal characteristics are not warrantable, such as Gear whine. Minor cosmetic flaws, dings, burrs from shipping or manufacturing, are not considered defect, it is installer responsibility to address these at time of install. Customer is responsible for shipping charges if warranty is granted. Warranty is for the original purchaser/user, is not transferable. Warranty covers one replacement or credit solely at our discretion. Warranty determinations are at our sole discretion.

Chromoly front Axles, Excalibur Joints, 30/30 Birfield kits - Warrantied against manufacturing defects for the life of the vehicle. These products are also covered for Breakage. The Shaft / joint must be BROKEN. Wear, twisting, bending are not warrantable. Damages caused by failure of other parts are not warrantable, for example broken U-joint (other than Nitro Excalibur) causing damage to Axle ears.

Rear Chromoly Axles - Warrantied against manufacturing defects for 5 years. These products are also covered for Breakage. The Shaft must be BROKEN. Worn, twisted, or bent axles are not warrantable.

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