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A ProCharger supercharger can completely change your driving experience. ProCharger provides reliable, durable, and technologically advanced superchargers, allowing you to optimize the capabilities of your vehicle’s engine. 

What is ProCharger?

Thanks to relentless innovation, ProCharger technology is generations ahead of the competition. ProChargers are the only superchargers to incorporate billet impellers in production models. Our exclusive, patented, self-contained, gear-driven centrifugal superchargers eliminate tapping into your oil pan, run cooler and produce more power than any of our competitor’s supercharger kits. 

Our standards for quality and durability allow our customers to have peace of mind knowing they have the best built superchargers with the best warranty in the industry. 

Unless otherwise noted, ProCharger kits for fuel-injected applications meet both EPA and CARB emissions requirements and are classified as 50 state legal.

What Separates a ProCharger From the Competition? 

ProCharger has built a reputation among automotive enthusiasts as one of the best superchargers on the market. So what separates a ProCharger kit from the competition?

The Most Power Per Pound Engine Boost

ProCharger offers the highest power per pound boost of any supercharger on the market. If you are looking to maximize the output of your engine, a ProCharger will get the job done.  

Intercooled ProCharger Supercharger Kits 

ProCharger is proud to be the first intercooled supercharger kit to come to market, offering an innovative way to keep your engine cool and firing on all cylinders.

Incredible Efficiency and Performance

A ProCharger kit features cutting-edge self-contained lubrication, giving a ProCharger incredible efficiency and performance. Procharger leads the industry in both quality and innovation. 

A ProCharger Supercharger Works Instantly

Many superchargers experience a “turbo lag”, meaning that there may be some delay in feeling the performance boost a supercharger offers. That is not the case with a ProCharger kit, as you will be able to feel the increase in performance almost immediately.

Purchase a ProCharger Supercharger From Vivid Racing

Get your car and engine working at the highest possible level with a ProCharger Supercharger from Vivid Racing. If you are interested in learning more about ProCharger or would like to purchase a ProCharger kit, contact Vivid Racing today by calling (480) 966-3040.