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Who is Racelogic?

Started in 1992, RaceLogic is a company that designs and manufactures electronic systems used to gather information from moving vehicles. It measures, records, displays and analyzes critical information which is then relayed to the end user.

Their product is popularly used in motorsport racing wherein all data is important in order to have that slight advantage over the competition. Due to the success of their product, Racelogic was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. It is the highest honor that could be awarded to a UK Business.

Every Detail Counts

RaceLogic has changed the way racing teams monitor their data. Because of the introduction of their product, racing teams of today are able to calculate the adjustment realtime and get information previously unavailable to them. 

Not Just for Racing

Because of the products’ flexibility and effectiveness, RaceLogic is also used by major automotive manufacturers for their vehicle testing. This enables the manufacturer to see actual speed travel, angles, position and more information which they can use to make our vehicles safer on the road.

Purchase RaceLogic at Vivid Racing

RaceLogic has a variety of electronic equipment to choose from. From their Flagship VBOX, which is the industry standard for measuring vehicle speed, position, distance and acceleration to their VBOX Motorsport in-car camera system and performance meters. These are used for racing. They even have a LabSat GPS simulator. Depending on your need, RaceLogic has the right equipment for you. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of RaceLogic products available.