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Helmet Accessories - Helmet Accessories

Helmet Accessories

The helmet is probably the second most important accessory for every bike enthusiast. Not only does it ensure your safety on the road, it also works as the perfect accessory for your look. While we're seeing funky and cool helmets sold, it's important to check that your helmet complies with safety standards. From the weight of the helmet to its fit and cover, everything has to be in line with the law. As for the most important accessory for every biker, it is common sense. And common sense dictates that you make your helmet even safer and cooler with these helmet accessories.

Sun Shields

We have a variety of anti-glare insert parts that are mounted across the topmost part of any existing visor shield. Similar to the top of your car windshield, these strips create a deeply tinted area that blocks the sun from setting. We also have hardware bits, fog-eliminating double-pane viewfinders, and even electrically heated viewfinders.

You may see some of the double-pane viewfinder pieces described as "pinlock" viewfinders. These are not traditional single-piece designs. Instead, the viewfinder features a second inner lens mounted directly behind the outer lens. Between the two lenses, which are sealed together, there is a pocket of trapped air acting as a temperature insulator between the inside and the outside of the helmet. Because the inside part of the visor won't get cold because of the outside air, the condensation is virtually eliminated.

Visors & Peaks

As we have mentioned, the visors are smaller, more discreet pieces created for riding in a level position on paved roads. Since the visors are designed to fit specific helmets, we will list the ones on the individual product pages.

Peaks are larger and provide a higher amount of sun blockage. As the peaks increase in size, a rider doesn't need to tilt his head down to block the low sun in the sky.

Breath Boxes

One of the best solutions to the problem of the fog-up lens inside the enclosed helmets is the "breath boxes"-small mouth masks that fit inside the chin area of the helmet. As you exhale, the mouth mask runs away from the visor surface with moist air that would otherwise cause condensation to form. If you're going to ride in cold, damp areas, these are worth having. Since these can become a repository for germs, we recommend replacing them on a regular basis.

Vents & Diffusers

With the viewfinder shut, an enclosed helmet would create uncomfortable sweating and moisture build-up everywhere. To prevent this from happening, all enclosed helmets feature ventilation channels that allow fresh air to flow throughout, making it easy for the wearer to breathe and relieve fog.

The most common reason why vent parts need to be replaced is that they become damaged after the helmet has accidentally been dropped on the floor. They need to be brittle to make sure they break off in an accident instead of catching things-at which point the rider's head could be twisted sideways with additional injury.

Pivot kits

This includes hinge mechanisms, gear wheels, special screws, springs and various ratchet parts for the mechanics, and includes protective covers. In addition, we have replacement inner jaw covers and push-ups typically found on modular flip-up helmets.

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