Rywire 4 Wire 02 Extension (Minimum Order Qty 10) Honda | Acura 1992-2000

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Rywire 4 Wire 02 Extension (Minimum Order Qty 10) Honda | Acura 1992-2000
Rywire 4 Wire 02 Extension (Minimum Order Qty 10) Honda | Acura 1992-2000

Honda & Acura primary 4-Wire O2 (Oxygen Sensor) Male to Female 33 inch extension.

Q: Can you make this longer?
A: We do not do custom lengths on these.

Q: I have a different plug on my oxygen sensor than my harness.
A: This is just an "extension", not for *adapting* to a different connector type (secondary of different O2).
It's just for extending the reach of your existing connector 4-wire primary Oxygen sensor connector.

About Rywire

An over 19 year history of dabbling with wiring should help you feel confident about the company’s ability to meet your needs when it comes to choosing wiring products for your car. Well, Rya Basseri, the owner and founder of Rywire Motorsport Electronics in Garden Grove, California has just such a history and has been able to turn a hobby into a successful business. Rywire has supported racers around the world with high performance wiring and engine harnesses including even off-road trucks and land speed racing motorcycles, Formula Drift champions, drag and prolevel circuit racing and others. So if they can trust Rywire it is certainly a company worth considering when you are in the market for electronics.

If you are adding a turbo or are in any of the multitude of racing arenas or if you are modifying your engine you might want to consider the motorsport wire loom from Rywire. The connectors on the OE manufacturers wiring harness will eventually fail under the more extreme conditions inherent in racing and turbo engines. A wiring harness with upgraded connectors, upgraded wire to minimize RF noise, weight and temperature capability are all plusses in the design of a wiring harness.

The Mil-Spec harnesses from Rywire use Mil-Spec Teflon coated wire that offers a maxim heating rate of 200 degrees Celsius and standard wall ethylene tetrafluoroethylene insulation that was originally designed for aerospace. In addition the wire is loomed with primo quality Raychem DR-25 heat shrink covering and adhesive lined wire junctions that keep out moisture. And installation is easy with the yellow identification tags and, of course, all heavy interference circuits are protected and grounded.

Just interested in an entry-level harness for your Honda B-series then consider the benefits of the Rywire budget harness with its one-piece design that can declutter your engine bay and gives you the ability to add future upgrades, a definite plus. Check out these and all of the other impressive electronic parts from Rywire on the LMPerformance website.
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