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Seats - Racing Seats

Why Upgrade to Race Seats?

As you might already know, many modern performance cars come equipped with sporty seats that provide a lot of bolstering and support. Unfortunately, many older cars or non-performance oriented cars don’t have very supportive seats from the factory, creating the need for aftermarket race seats.

How do race seats compared with ordinary car seats? Are they genuine upgrades worth investing in? Below are some benefits of race seats that will help you decide if aftermarket race seats are for you.

Benefits of Race Seats

Race seats can give you some benefits that make them worth the investment. They also hold several advantages over regular seats which include:

1. Improved Safety

Attempting to achieve faster lap times? If you are, race seats are crucial. They help prevent your bottom from sliding around uncontrollably. This decreases or even erases the need to readjust your body back to the right sitting position. It also eliminates the need to hang on to the steering wheel to keep yourself in position.

Race seats are designed to keep your body properly in place even during high g-force corners. This ensures that every control is easily within reach anytime you need to, giving you the confidence to drive faster.

2. More Comfortable

Similar to ordinary car seats, race seats come in numerous materials such as leather, cloth, and Alcantara. Race seats, however, are designed to deliver optimum riding comfort. They are more structural, which means they are more effective in accommodating your body shape compared to ordinary car seats.

Every time you’re behind the wheel, sports seats can give your better overall comfort than regular ones. This holds true both during short and long driving situations. Many race seats are available in different widths to fit your body as best as possible.

3. Lighter and Stiffer

Most race seats in the market today weigh around 14kg each, more or less. They are a lot lighter compared to regular car seats that become even heavier with electric motors, fans, and vents. Aside from being lighter, they are also stiffer than regular seats. This helps keep the driver and front passenger in place during high-speed driving instances.

Some seats, such as Sparco SPX, feature many of the creature comforts of OEM seats with the added benefits of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber.

Should I Invest in Race Seats?

Race seats are safer and more comfortable than regular seats, especially during high-speed driving or racing. You don’t have to go all-in for them though, except if you intend to drive on fast lanes or tracks. Because when you’re on the track, safety is paramount.

Vivid Racing carries an extensive collection of quality racing gear and accessories to satisfy your performance needs. From safety harnesses, racing equipment, pedals, steering wheels, seats, and more, we’ve got you covered. We provide only the best quality gear that delivers reliable performance for the most fulfilling driving experience.

Different Types of Racing Seats

Would you rather sit on racing bucket seats or racing bench seats, and what’s the difference? With multiple variations of racing seats available, it’s important you understand all the options available before making a final choice. These are some of the most popular categories:

  • Racing Bucket Seats – These seats cradle the body to provide superior safety and support. They also tend to be the most stylish option, offering a sort of throne for the driver to occupy while behind the wheel. If you’re serious about pushing you vehicle to its limits, you’ll want to be sitting in racing bucket seats.

  • Racing Bench Seats – Take advantage of the same benefits as racing seats – improved comfort and safety – in a package suitable for 2-3 people. In some vehicles, it makes more sense to install racing bench seats rather than bucket seats given the space available or the intended use.

  • Fixed Back Racing Seats – Rely on the same seats that keep rally-car drivers in place as they zoom around tight corners at breathtaking speeds. Fixed back racing seats minimize driver motion and “plant” them in place so they can focus first and foremost on driving.

  • UTV Seats – UTVs offer just as much high-performance potential as something designed for pavement, but the unique off-road conditions call for a specialized kind of racing seat. With UTV seats you benefit from more cushion, better posture, and less movement – exactly what you want when you’re logging long miles or traversing tough terrain.

  • Suspension Seats – These seats have a liner suspended between the steel frame that catches the body before it crashes into hard surfaces. Suspension seats work great in vehicles that travel over rough landscapes or get put through high-performance conditions because they significantly reduce strain on the driver’s body.