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Suspension Seats

What Is a Suspension Seat and How Does It Work?

The term suspension seat comes from the liner between the steel frame. As the occupant moves up and down, the liner gives away, preventing the body from repeatedly hitting hard surfaces such as those found in stock seats. This gives you unparalleled comfort while riding, allowing you to have longer adventures and less pain in your muscles and back. 

You're not sitting in a suspension seat on a hard surface attached to a frame. Instead, you sit on a liner that is suspended from the steel frame itself—which is why it's called a "suspension" seat. As you travel, the structure is still attached to the UTV frame. The liner, however, flexes with your body as it moves.

For each UTV model, there is a UTV driver with different characteristics, comfort and safety priorities, preferences, and tolerances. There are numerous suspension seat features, customizations, and options out there. Here's the rest of the information you need to know to determine if a suspension seat is right for you and which ones are good fits.

A suspension seat provides support through its steel frame but flexes support due to the mesh that supports your weight. The suspended seat frame remains in a fixed position relative to the UTV frame, but your body weight shifts as you travel. In a rigid, fixed, molded seat, the seat frame and the body remain in a fixed position relative to the UTV frame as the UTV travels through the terrain.

Anatomy of a Suspension Seat

Steel Frame

The suspension seat frame is generally built of powder-coated steel and mounted directly onto the frame of your UTV. You'll ultimately be unable to see the frame because the suspension liner will hang between it, attached by a cord, then covered with a cover. 

Suspension Liner

If the frame plays the trees' role in our hammock scenario, the suspension liner is the hammock itself — the mesh on which you recline and nap in the sunshine. On your UTV, it's the tear-resistant mesh that is strung between the frame components that cradles your body and flexes and shifts with changing terrain. 


That suspension liner is wrapped around the frame's structure then attached tightly using a cord. In PRP Seats' manufacturing, that cord is a 700 lb parachute cord. 


Suspension seats consist of other elements to make it more comfortable than sitting on just a steel frame and mesh: padding. PRP Seats uses multi-density foam to provide supplemental padding in strategic areas, such as behind your head. 


A cover is then wrapped around the whole frame/liner/cord/foam assembly. The cover may be made of marine-grade vinyl to be water-resistant and may include other features such as fade-resistance.

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