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SSR Formula Mesh Step Rim 19x12.5

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SSR Wheels

Model #FM19125

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SSR Formula Mesh wheels are 3-Piece wheels composed of an outer rim, and inner rim, and a center disc. The outer rim is welded to the inner rim and then the center disc is bolted to them, combining them together.

Heat Treatment Manufacture:  The inner wheel barrel is heated a second time, increasing both lightness and strength. This makes the wheel ideal for hard tuned race cars and heavier vehicles

  • Size: 19x12.5
  • Standard PCD: 4x100; 5x100; 5x114.3
  • Standard Colors: Silver; Gold
  • Available Offsets:
    • 18mm (130mm SL)
    • 5mm (130mm NL)
    • -3mm (130mm MD)
    • -13mm (130mm HP)
  • Wheels sold individually.
  • Center Caps included.
  • Center Bore x Height (distance of center cover):

    98 to 127    
    • SL 73.0 X 50.0mm
    • NR 73.0 X 63.0mm
    • MD 73.0 X 71.0mm
    • HP 73.0 X 81.0mm
    • SL 74.1 X 50.0mm
    • NR 74.1 X 63.0mm
    • MD 74.1 X 71.0mm
    • HP 74.1 X 81.0mm

    • SL 71.6 X 50.0mm
    • NR 71.6 X 63.0mm
    • MD 71.6 X 71.0mm
    • HP 71.6 X 81.0mm

  • H/PCD:
    • Super Low Disk: 5/98 to 5/120.65, 5/127, 5/130, 4/100
    • Normal Disk: 5/98 to 5/120.65, 5/127, 5/130, 4/100
    • Medium Disk: 5/98 to 5/120.65, 5/127, 5/130, 4/100
Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

In order to deliver quality and reassurance, SSRs unique quality control of production surpasses JWL standards. SSR takes a different stance when supplying wheels to the race circuit. The race spec wheels are manufactured in the same essence as the commercialized wheels. This gives SSR direct feedback from the race circuit to further enhance the technology of the wheels.

Time spent at the track and involvement with an array of motorsports has led to the technological developments that are embedded in every SSR wheel. SSR continues its involvement in motorsports with numerous victories in JGTC, Time Attack, Formula D, and D1GP.