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Electronic Lowering

Why Install an Electronic Lowering Module?

Many modern performance cars utilize air suspension, which opens the opportunity for ride height and stiffness adjustment on the fly. Unfortunately, many of the OEM air suspension systems don’t allow for decreased ride height, which is the entire purpose of an electronic lowering model. With an aftermarket electronic lowering module, you can tap into the full potential of your OEM air suspension without modifying any physical suspension components!

What is an Electronic Lowering Module?

Electronic lowering modules are essentially made for cars with OEM air suspension systems. These types of lowering modules give you the ability to lower your car’s suspension to a specific height from the vehicle’s stock setting. To better understand how an electronic lowering module works, let’s first examine the components of an air suspension system.

An air suspension system still features struts similar to regular cars. The main difference is that the metal springs are replaced with advanced airbags. These airbags are usually built from tough rubber and polyurethane composite materials. They are inflated through air tanks and compressors.

An electronic lowering module allows you to choose the front and rear ride heights that you want. If you inflate additional air to the airbags, you will increase the ride height of your car and vice versa.

Benefits of Electronic Lowering Modules

There are a number of advantages that electronic lowering modules offer. If you decide to install one on your car, here are the benefits that you can expect to enjoy:


This is the main benefit of an electronic lowering module. If you want to drop your car and make it look awesome, you can instantly do so with just a press of a few buttons. Or if you want to maintain a fairly low ride on the street but are concerned with speed bumps and humps, it’s the same hassle free process. Increasing your car’s height to avoid horrifying chomping metal sounds crashing throughout the cabin takes little time and effort with this type of lowering module.

Better Performance

If you’re looking for more performance, then an electronic lowering module is a great way to improve your vehicle’s handling characteristics. With a lower ride height, your vehicle’s center of gravity is deceased which ultimately helps to decrease body movement, however, decreased ride height can also mean reduced air spring rate. The lowering module will give you the freedom to fine tune your car’s ride height and achieve optimal performance via the steering wheel controls, a remote control device or using knobs built on the lowering module itself.

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