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Suspension Mounts

Replacement Strut Mount for your Delicate Suspension System

If we talk about specific suspension repair parts, struts and shocks spring to mind. Like filters and brake pads, these elements were not built to last for the vehicle's lifetime and thus need replacement from time to time. After several journeys, their degradation results in a bumpy ride that no further controls finely, and fresh shocks and struts are required to improve handling efficiency and ride quality. But the mounts where the struts and shocks are mounted to your car can also be worn, broken, and repaired.

The shock absorber on the car does its thing, and one thing prevents the car from jumping. Struts are somewhat unique. Struts are a significant element of the suspension system and are installed on top of the vehicle's design, and they come back down. They offer us a spot to mount the spring of the coil, and the spring is what holds the level of the car, so we've got a spring plate here. It also removes and replaces the upper control arm and attaches directly to the car knuckle, where in many cases, allows us a small opportunity to change positioning.

Strut and shock mounts have mounting points for struts and shock absorbers and protect the vehicle from road shock and car vibration. The insulating part is typically made of rubber attached to metal, and the rubber may break, crack, stiffen or otherwise wither away, causing excessive clearance and metal-to-metal friction. This can lead to vibration, steering, and handling issues and, in the case of struts, functional suspension elements, to a wheel's non-specific positioning.

Most vehicles on the road are fitted with front struts and some with rear struts. The top strut mount maintains the spring of the coil and links the strut to the body. Regarding getting an insulating layer, its front strut mounts also have a bearing where the strut rotates as the vehicle turns. Worn strut mounts are possible symptoms of noise, poor steering reaction or binding, and incorrect orientation.

Struts often have boots to protect the shaft, which may tear, enabling the dirt to mark the shaft and kill the upper hydraulic seal. The bumper around the shaft stops the suspension from falling out, and this can be broken, and the strut can be destroyed.

If damaged strut mounts are found, the vehicle should be examined on the street and verified for noise and steering pull or binding. When idle, switch the steering wheel from stop-to-stop and search for vibration and steering anomalies afterward. Visually verify the cracking and splitting of the rubber on the mount.

Lift the vehicle, require the wheels to hang, and keep the coil's spring near the mount. Press the spring and strut in and out when searching for unnecessary movement. Any deficiency requires replacement, so it is safe to introduce the upper strut mounts, bumpers, and boots when the struts are removed for a full repair. Our full strut assemblies come with all these parts already mounted.

Some cars have identified shock-mounting wear issues due to corrosion, design flaws, or other problems. We have replacement strut mounts for your vehicles that typically come with equipment and everything required for repairs. They are made of high-quality steel or aluminum and powder coated for toughness. These parts are built to save time and resources, so you can restore your vehicle cheaply and get it back on track quickly. Concerning the mounts, we also sell replacement shock absorber bushings and spacers, insulators, and suspension-related equipment to support you create a decent repair.

When to Replace Strut Mounts?

The most popular is when a worn-out strut mount makes a clumping or rumbling sound. This form of noise might be triggered either by a metal plate splitting from the rubber within the mount or by a faded-out strut bearing.

Poor strut mount bearings may also trigger cracking or squeaking noise when spinning the steering wheel at slow speeds.

The fact the steering wheel turns can feel unfamiliar too. It jams and clicks again and again. This occurs when the oil within the bearing dries out or rust or wear within the bearing.

Strut mounts are often replaced if they display significant corrosion or if the noticeable rubber component is torn or badly worn.

Most stock suspension mounts are made from rubber and plastic and tend to be a little too soft and giving for a high-performance vehicle. Vivid Racing carries suspension mounts (also called pillow ball mounts) and sway bar mounts. Our pillow ball mounts and suspension mounts are top of the line and come from the most respected manufactures in the high-performance industry. If you drive a high-performance vehicle or want to make your car a little more stable and maneuverable, give our suspension mounts and sway bar mounts a try. Vivid Racing also carries all the other suspension parts you may need for your driving machine. We carry coilovers, handling arms, sway bars, strut bars, bushings, and much more. If you need help picking out the right pillow ball mounts or any other suspension components for your car, give us a call. We can help.

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