OEM Strut Bars

OEM Strut Bars

To get the most out of your vehicle, make sure the tires have as much contact with the road as possible for the most grip and steering ability. More significantly, the automobile must seem stable and dependable so that you may feel comfortable pushing it to its limits.

A flexing chassis prevents the tires from staying level on the tarmac, resulting in a car lacking speed and experience. Braces perfectly located throughout your chassis will provide the rigidity required to maintain good wheel alignment and boost stability, allowing you to enjoy precise, confidence-inspiring handling.

How Do Strut Bars Improve Handling?

The contrast between handling and effectiveness has always been intriguing. Performance is more concerned with speed and acceleration, whereas handling is more concerned with how the car handles and is steady. Cars that perform well are typically easier to control at high speeds.

A strut bar's principal intention is to make your car easier to control when it's being driven hard. Strut bars aren't guaranteed to improve cornering speed or lap timings. Instead, when cornering at high speeds, they'll make your car more lively and reliable.

The strut brace shifting excess pressure from one strut tower to another causes this. This means keeping your steering solid even at high speeds by reducing chassis flex in tight turns. Incorporating strut bars improves your car's overall stiffness. As a result, your chassis doesn???t flex whether you hit a bump or turn hard into a sharp bend.

What to choose between front and rear strut bars?

Most enthusiasts think that you must be a seasoned driver to appreciate the significant difference that front and rear strut braces produce. You should pair your strut braces with custom bushings and ball joints to get the most out of them.

If you add a set of additional sway bars to that inventory, your car's handling will drastically improve. The front or rear strut towers can both have strut braces added. Tightening up your car's front end will enhance understeer, while stiffening up the back end will enhance oversteer.

This, however, is highly dependent on your car's present handling qualities. Depending on what you're attempting to do with your car, you can equip both or simply one.

Why Install Strut Bars?

Stiffer Chassis

We cannot disagree that strut bars are beneficial to some vehicles. These include outdated, lightweight vehicles with a history of body-roll and sway issues. You won't benefit from putting strut bars if your car is pretty new and has no stiffness concerns.

Easy to Install

As long as you've acquired the correct unit, installing strut bars on your own is a breeze. You won't need to utilize the drill machine or any cutting equipment because they're all created precisely for each use.

Typically, you would want a simple socket set to do the task. You can complete this set up in your driveway without using a jack. Remove the existing nuts and tidy up the strut tower region.

To install your new strut bar, you'll need to utilize the same bolts. Check for proper clearance with the hood before putting on the strut bar. Just bolt it there without over-tightening the nuts after it's finished and you're done.

Reduced Wear and Tear

The tension between the left and right strut towers is transferred by strut bars. The force and pressure produced while driving are uniformly distributed over your chassis. As a result, the wear and tear connected with this pressure are also transferred. Equal wear has always been beneficial.

Under-Hood Bling

Let's face it: many fans add a strut bar because it improves the appearance of their engine compartment ??? and that's perfectly OK. It's worth setting up as long as the mod serves a purpose and doesn't detract from your driving dynamics. Strut bars that have been tastefully painted or anodized look terrific!


Strut braces range in price from under $100 to three figures. It is entirely up to you to decide which one to buy. Less expensive strut bars are just as good as those that are more expensive, as long as the project???s design is correctly chosen.

A strut bar can also help a vehicle with double A-arm suspension. It can disperse suspension loads across both towers instead of centered on only one by linking the towers where the coilovers are mounted.

Strut tower braces are available for various famous performance cars, including Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, and Subaru, Acura, Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota, VW, and others brands. Our virtual shelves have front and rear strut braces, as well as triangle braces.

Triangular braces connect the firewall and strut towers. They're available for a limited number of models that need extra stiffness. If your car is equipped with both front and rear braces, fitting both will yield the optimum benefits, but begin with the front brace if you're on a budget.

The leading chassis and suspension builders in the business devised and built our strut tower braces. They're built of durable components like tubular steel or 6061 T-6 aluminum and have a polished or powder-coated color treatment to give the strength your chassis requires.

You can adjust some braces to compensate for differences in vehicle manufacturer specifications and chassis wear. The logo of the strut brace maker or the car make/model can be found on several of them. Even if you don't intend to push your car to its limits, having one of these strut tower braces underneath the hood will give it a high-performance look.

Most OEM strut bars are very easy to install using only a few hand tools. Plastic covers and carpet frequently cover rear strut towers, which must be adjusted to enable a rear brace.

Well, you may claim, "My vehicle came with a strut tower brace from the manufacturer. I don't need to obtain one."

However, many car owners had to rethink that notion when they wanted to install an aftermarket cold air kit, intake manifold, or other engine modification and discovered that it didn't fit because of the stock strut tower brace.

We have OEM strut bars for various applications that are manufactured to work with most engine major modifications, allowing you to get the maximum horsepower out of your engine while also enhancing the handling of your vehicle.

We also provide rear chassis X-braces, trunk cages, and rear C-pillar bars for widely used performance automobile applications if you want to minimize flex even more and increase chassis stability and handling.

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