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Tire Stickers

Today, thousands of vehicles are now on the highways. You just merge in with the crowd of tires looking almost the same - black sidewalls, black rubber etc. Available in a multitude of striking layouts and colors, they will give you the opportunity to freshen up the face of your vehicle in a simple, budget-friendly manner. If you're going to customize your tires with one of the top-notch stickers or design your own lettering to get your message across to the world, we've got you covered.

Each package contains a specially formulated tire adhesive for removal and application instruction. These top-quality products are expertly crafted to follow rigorous market requirements to deliver a combination of very well-balanced architecture and excellent craftsmanship. Fabricated using state-of-the-art technology from industry-leading products, it guarantees durability and lasting performance forever. These products are characterized by total quality assurance, which is unbeatable by anyone else.

Tire Sticker Selections

  • Accelera Tire Stickers
  • Achilles Tire Stickers
  • Army Strong Tire Stickers
  • Avon Tire Stickers
  • BF Goodrich Tire Stickers
  • Continental Tire Stickers
  • Cooper Tire Stickers
  • Custom Lettered Tire Stickers
  • Delinte Tire Stickers
  • Dodge Tire Stickers
  • F1 Tire Stickers
  • Falken Tire Stickers
  • Federal Tire Stickers
  • Flare Tire Stickers
  • Ford Tire Stickers
  • General Motors Tire Stickers
  • GoodYear Tire Stickers
  • Hankook Tire Stickers
  • Idlers Design Tire Stickers
  • Kumho Tire Stickers
  • Maxxis Tire Stickers
  • Michelin Tire Stickers
  • Mickey Thompson Tire Stickers
  • Nexen Tire Stickers
  • Nitto Tire Stickers
  • Redline Tire Stickers
  • Speedhunters Tire Stickers
  • Toyo Tire Stickers
  • Whitewall Tire Stickers
  • Yokohama Tire Stickers

Benefits You Can Get from Vivid Racing's Aftermarket Tire Stickers

  • High quality raised rubber Tire Stickers with each letter pre-spaced and attached to a clear curved transfer film
  • Permanent real raised rubber lettering
  • Made to conform over tire surface variations and fully cleanable
  • Most durable raised lettering products available
  • Ideal for daily driving and harsh environments

Designed from high-grade and weather-resistant products, Tire Stickers provides a long-lasting remedy for identifying your car and giving it the finish touch. They are quite easy to mount and robust enough to withstand most temperatures and environmental conditions. The stickers, which are made with durability in mind, won't come unstuck, fade or peel off.

And as far as the tire markers we provide-they will allow you to set your vehicle with the exception of the rest with a custom message, and write whatever you want on your tires. The paint contains highlight, water and heat protection. And for years of use your lettering should look fine.

Tire Sticker is the world's largest, first, and only authorized leading manufacturer of innovative marking technologies tailored to tire sidewalls and rubber surfaces for easy, steadfast use. The range of products can be used for family, industrial, high-performance cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and off-road vehicles. Tire Stickers gives consumers the option to design short-term longevity or permanent, raised-rubber lettering custom tire letter kits and logos that can really express a feeling. Tire Stickers has established close relations with almost every major supplier of tires including Dunlop, Falken, Toyo, Continental, GoodYear, Michelin, and much more. Because of these relationships, they are honored to be partnered solely with and formally sell approved tire manufacturer designs that are only available from Tire Stickers!

Tire Sticker: Who Are They?

Since 2007, Tire Stickers has already been offering unique marking options to the automobile industry. They are inventors and legally accredited tire lettering kits manufacturers. Tire Stickers has created proprietary technologies in cooperation with tire suppliers and motorsports clubs, who have revolutionized the way brands are portrayed in the market. The breakthrough has led to a revolution in how tire branding is done and represented by high-definition multi-color graphics, improved longevity, and eventually, more cost-effective and reliable implementation that better reflects the brand name.

Based on their motorsport expertise and partnerships, Tire Stickers also brought creativity to the daily automotive market. The company's products are made and marketed by the firm, which ensures the Tire Sticker provides market-leading price and technological support. Whether the need is short term application for shows, special occasions, and events (charities, competitions, etc.) or complete life-cycle success is the need, Tire Stickers has got you covered.

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