TPC Racing Blitzkrieg Intercoolers Porsche 997 Turbo 05-09

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TPC Racing Blitzkrieg Intercoolers Porsche 997 Turbo 05-09


TPC Racing


TPC Racing Blitzkrieg Intercoolers Porsche 997 Turbo 05+

The key to huge horsepower in high performance cars is air density. A higher air density allows for more fuel to be burned and thus, more power to be produced. In the world of high performance tuning, it is a never ending quest to find new ways of achieving higher air density. With that goal in mind, TPCRacing set out to create the ultimate intercooler design for the Porsche 997Turbo. What we came up with were the massive TPCRacing 5" Blitzkrieg Intercoolers.

Designing high quality intercooler upgrades for the 997Turbo is a very difficult process. While the OEM units are incredibly effetive on stock/lightly modified cars, high-horsepower vehicles demand a greater amount of air-flow than the OEM intercoolers can handle. In order to produce an effective intercooler upgrade, capable of supporting +700hp, many variables had to be addressed. These variables included, controling pressure drop across the intercooler, controlling intake tempurature change across the intercooler, creating a maximum amount of cooling surface area, and allowing for the most efficient flow of air through both aspects of the intercooler cores.

One of our primary concerns with the design of the TPCRacing Blitzkrieg Intercoolers was controlling pressure drop across the core with increased cooling comes natural pressure rise, an efficiency killer, TPCRacing to the rescue, with the 775Blitzkrieg Series Intercoolers. With a whopping 5"(127mm) core, the 775B Intercoolers are a full 57mm larger than the factory 997TT units! The factory cores are tube and fin, and are the best type of intercooler core for their application. However, the TPCRacing 5" Blitzkrieg Intercoolers were developed as a bar and plate hybrid boasting tube and fin type internals. This hybrid arrangment has gives our intercoolers two outstanding traits; the allow for incredibly efficient airflow through the core as well as amazing heat transfer capabilities.

This arrangment allows us to produce maximum air density, while still maintaining the factory intercooler ducting with some modification. Retaining this ducting is absolutely essential to generating optimum airflow over the surface of the intercooler. With out the ducting feeding the 997Turbo;s intercoolers, the airflow will encounter an area of extreme turbulance within the intercooler inlets, and will greatly reduce the intercooler;s overall efficiency.

Because this hybrid core had never been produced before, custom tooling had to be created just to produce them. The TPCRacing 775B Intercooler Cores are a completely unique design and custom design, exclusive to TPCRacing. They are most certainly not off-the-shelf units that our competitors use. These units were manufactured with only one application in mind; creating maximum hp on the TPCRacing 775Blitzkrieg.
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TPC Racing is the Mid-Atlantic's premier maintenance, service, tuning and modification center dedicated solely to Porsche sports cars. This long time focus on only one make has enabled them to become experts in Porsche service, tuning, and racing.

TPCRacing has its roots in the IMSA Supercar Series of the late 1980’s and early 1990s, where team owner and driver Mike Levitas managed the turbocharger programs that gave the fire-breathing Nissan 300ZX, Mazda RX7 Twin Turbo, Lotus Turbo Esprit and Consulier GTPs their prodigious power. By combining a lifetime of automotive enthusiasm, business experience and technical skill with advanced aeronautical training and certifications, Levitas has managed to extend the engineering of some of the most advanced and well-regarded machines in existence – Porsche race cars.

After climbing the Porsche Club Racing ranks starting in 1992, Levitas and TPCRacing ascended to Motorola Cup action in 1999, driving a mix of Mercedes sedans and Porsches. In 2000, TPCRacing began entering races under its own banner, and since has scaled the heights of the Grand American Rolex Sports Car Series, winning more than 20 times in class and claiming an unprecedented 1-2-3-4 sweep of a major driver’s championship.

To this day, TPCRacing remains active in the Porsche community where the team laid down roots, and uses the team’s professional, club racing and street Porsches to develop engine and suspension components for its partners. TPCRacing has an aggressive engineering program, focused on developing powerful superchargers and responsive shocks and dampers for professional and club sport cars, keeps performance-hungry Porsche owners fed a steady diet of racing-derived aftermarket parts.

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